Lay Lay 2: exit, plot and cast

Lay Lay – A magical friend 2 when it comes out? February 23 on Netflix

On the go Lay Lay – A magical friend 2 seasonawaited children’s comedy available from Thursday 23 February 2023 exclusively streamed on catalogo Netflix.

Let’s talk about the American sitcom created by David A.Arnold and premiered in the United States on July 14, 2022 on Nickelodeon.

The second chapter is officially renewed on January 28, 2022 following the great success achieved by the first season released in 2021. What to expect now from the new episodes?

Plot of Lay Lay – A magical friend, what is it about?

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Grappling with school commitments, and the hope of leaving a mark in that institution, Sadie she would also like a best friend to talk to whenever she needs it.

For this reason, the girl wants Lay Lay, her dynamic AI avatar, to become real to help her learn how to stand out.

And here is his wish come true: Lay Lay magically comes to life starting a beautiful adventure to discover teenage life and themselves. But will she be able to keep Lay Lay’s identity a secret in the new episodes?

Cast of Lay Lay – A magical friend 2, actors and characters

Who do we find in the main cast Of Lay Lay – A magical friend?

  • That Girl Lay Lay is Lay Lay, a phone avatar who comes to life as a human teenager with special abilities
  • Gabrielle Nevaeh Green as the protagonist Sadie
  • Tiffany Daniels as Trish, Sadie’s mother
  • Thomas Hobson as Bryce, Sadie’s father
  • Peyton Perrine III as Marky, Sadie’s brother
  • Andrea Barber as Principal Willingham
  • Kensington Tallman as Tiffany, the most popular girl in school
  • Ismail Sahid as Woody

Episodes of Lay Lay – A magical friend 2, how many there are

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Come back with 13 new episodes about 25 minutes each, the second chapter of the children’s TV series created by David A. Arnold who also serves as showrunner. Lay Lay – A magical friend is also produced by Will Packer Media (Bigger), con Will Packer (Little, Ride Along) e Carolyn Newman as executive producers e Toy Monique Hawkins e Peggy Cheng to supervision.

Lay Lay Trailer 2

Lay Lay – A magical friend 2 in streaming, where to see it

Streaming, the complete two seasons of Lay Lay – A magical friend are available exclusively on Netflix in all territories reached by the service.

Will Lay Lay – A magical friend 3 be there?

What do we know about the future of Lay Lay – A magical friend 3 season? This is the question of the fans of the American sitcom who can’t wait to see new episodes of the series. However, at present, Nickelodeon has yet to officially renew the title for a third season. So we just have to wait for an official communication to discover the future of the project loved by the little ones.

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