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Bella Thorne Won’t Sign Her Sexy Early Career Pics: ‘Enough is Enough’

Bella Thorne Won't Sign Her Sexy Early Career Pics: 'Enough is Enough'

Bella Thorne spoke about the beginning of her career and the first photo shoots by telling an anecdote related to some photos taken when she was still a minor.

Bella Thorne Won't Sign Her Sexy Early Career Pics: "Enough is enough"

Bella Thorne he won’t autograph some Photo that were taken of her when she was still a minor. She, the actress confirmed it by telling of when she found herself arguing with a man who had asked her to sign the photos in question.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Bella Thorne said: “Normally I don’t scold them, but they offended me“.

This guy had pictures in front of me so I looked away for a second and as I looked back there was a picture of me on the cover of GQ magazine. It’s super sexy and my ass is showing and I’m wearing lingerie and topless. I said I wouldn’t sign it and he first took it off then put it back in front of me again. So I said, ‘No, I won’t sign it.’ He pulled out another magazine picture with another sexy image and said, ‘Come on, Bella. Sign it for me.’ I did not like it. It was inappropriate“.

According to reports from Yahoo entertainment, the man in question would also have shown the actress some photos of the Candies campaign that were taken when she was 16 years old.

I told him: ‘Give me something else’. And he said, ‘Aren’t they all sexy?’ No, enough is enough. But I get that, they have to make money and everyone has a job, so I get that. Only I was under 18 and it’s inappropriate“, continued Bella Thorne who thought back to some of the photos taken in the past that “I wouldn’t do it now“.

Bella Thorne was almost fired by Disney for a bikini photo at 14

I could have done worse things like so many teenagers do” continued the actress during the interview. “I haven’t had to deal with difficult mental health issues, and I haven’t experienced one of those moments where you’re stuck in a dark place and don’t want to get out of bed. I mean I definitely had some tough times, but I was pretty lucky“.

Speaking again with THR, she later recalled receiving inappropriate questions linking her past sexual abuse to her sexuality. “I remember one time I was doing an interview and someone told me they thought I was uptight or liked women because I had been raped by a man. I was so baffled. It took me a long time to even reply. I ended up scolding them“.

The young actress then spoke about the road she has traveled to achieve success. “The crippling anxietyIt’s part of what she’s been dealing with along with the stress that she’s also been able to fight off by smoking weed. Now she’s the founder of her own cannabis company called Forbidden Flowers.