Sex Education, Emma Mackey leaves the series: “I’ve already said goodbye to Maeve”

Sex Education is one of the most loved Original Netflix products ever, and also one of the most successful. The series, already aired with its first three seasons on the well-known streaming platform, will soon arrive with a fourth season which is not yet clear whether it will be the last. According to the statements of the actors, the doubt arises, but no one has officially announced that Sex Education will end with the fourth season: it is possible that Netflix wants to continue without some of the key characters that have characterized the series in recent years. Now it’s official, whatever the fate of the product, that another big shot will leave Sex Education after the end of the fourth season: we’re talking about Emma Mackey, who plays Maeve Wiley in Sex Education.

Before her, other actors had already announced their farewell to the series: now Emma Mackey is also added to the list. You said it yesterday, on the sidelines of the award ceremony for the BAFTA Awards. The actress is ready to let her career take off, but in the latter there will no longer be a place for Sex Education and her beloved Maeve Wiley. Here are her words to Radio Times: “

“Season 5? I finished the fourth just last week! No, I don’t think I’ll be in Season 5. I already said goodbye to Maeve.”

However, this is not unexpected news. Previously Emma Mackey had revealed how the character of Maeve Wiley would have been much less central in the fourth season of Sex Education. Here’s what she said before filming began on season 4:

“His presence will be more sporadic because we are dealing with more characters. So I won’t be there as consistently. But we’re in the middle of filming now and I’m excited to be back. And yes, I’m curious what’s going to happen, because even I still have no idea. I’m finding out as we go, so it’ll be fun!”

In short, let’s get ready to enjoy the last glimpses of Maeve and Emma Mackey in Sex Education, waiting to understand if the series will close shop or continue after the end of the fourth season, which should arrive on Netflix only in the second half of 2023.

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