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Big Brother Vip, George Ciupilan against Edoardo Tavassi: “Fake friend, strategist and fake sympathy”

Big Brother Vip, George Ciupilan against Edoardo Tavassi: "Fake friend, strategist and fake sympathy"

George Ciupilan vented against a former fellow adventurer of Gf Vip, Edoardo Tavassi.

The young TikToker George Ciupilan, eliminated during the thirtieth episode of Gf Viphe returned to talk about his adventure in reality by railing against it Edward Tavassi.

Gf Vip, George Ciupilan against Edoardo Tavassi

Here’s what he said George during an Instagram live:

“Despite the fact that I spoke less than the others, I was impressed that the House still talks about me. Certain situations seem really hilarious to me. If I decide to live the experience in my own way, with my rules I am misunderstood by the people. Now I have the voice and I speak up when I think it’s right. I feel like saying that they haven’t understood me yet, I’m a person who observes a lot. In this case I feel like saying that I’m being ironic about the fact that I is silent, I only feel like I’m touching the tip of the iceberg just to get people talking. Obviously this message refers to Edoardo Tavassi who, from my point of view, is a strategist, a fake friend and also a fake likable guy. But I think people already have it Understood.”

The former gieffino had already spoken at Casa Pipol about Tavassi but also of Antonino Spinalbese reputed by George as the most strategist of the House.

“Tavassi is a person who knows how to play certain cards very well, even several times he has tried to put tares in the ears of others, he doesn’t speak, he doesn’t expose himself. Mention me and Nikita, the week before you give me a whole speech, saying that you are looking for to give me a hand and everything and then you name me, I get a little strange. Calling him a strategist towards me, towards other people, I don’t know because he too creates relationships. “

“The real strategist because I’ve seen some very strange changes is Antonino. But I’ve never had a relationship with him, from the beginning, apart from the first two weeks we tried to chat, then we literally broke away. He was another people who always doubt my attitude.”

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