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Those good girls: the “reckless” journey of Laurito, Milo and Maionchi

Those good girls: the "reckless" journey of Laurito, Milo and Maionchi

Last season they launched the conquest of Spain and we discovered them irrepressible, revolutionary, dreamy. In the new six episodes of Those good girls we will find them on board the now unmistakable shocking pink spotted van and in the company of the inevitable tablet, which establishes which missions they will have to complete during their vacation on the road. The “good girls” are back and this time they will be confronted with the glamor of the Principality of Monaco and the perfumes and traditions of the South of France.

Good Girls 8

Good Girls: A picture from the TV show

Not only that: the veterans Sandra Milo e Mara Maionchi, creator of the program (a show branded Sky Original and created by Blu Yazmine, broadcast from 19 February at 21:15 on Sky Uno and streaming on NOW), will welcome the new entry Marisa Laurito, who turns out to be a volcanic travel companion ready to take up the baton left by Orietta Berti, engaged on other fronts. The hope is that the result will live up to that achieved in the first edition, as Roberto Pisoni, director of Sky entertainment channels, hopes: “The first season gave us pearls of wisdom, truth, poetry, laughter, fun”thanks to a program “which contained an extraordinary longing, vivacity and vitality. We expect this second journey with a new but already experienced protagonist to be as engaging as the first”.

A “reckless”, “wonderful” and a bit agé journey

Good Girls 15

Good Girls: A picture from the TV show

And it shouldn’t be difficult to replicate the success of the first season with a trio of bubbly protagonists who at their age aren’t afraid to get involved by taking apart a comforting representation of old age. Because as Sandra Milo points out, 90 years old in March, the most dreamy of all, but also the one with easy tears, “Age is something uncertain and elusive, it’s a state of mind and life is important at any age. Who would have expected that three agè ladies would like them so much, both the very young and adults? Once upon a time a lady he told me: ‘I have an 8 year old girl and this is the only program I can see with my daughter’. I found it beautiful!”.

Good Girls 4

Good Girls: A picture from the TV show

A show that tries to normalize old age came about as its creator wanted: “One is afraid of the word old, I am afraid of it now too! But precisely for this reason – says Maionchi – I try to make it normal, because things happen when you’re old that if you don’t know how to grasp them, you don’t enjoy it. Instead you can have fun even when you’re old, even making fun of yourself, because you remember that when you were young you didn’t have certain problems: now you have a knee, then there’s your back. I was very amused by the idea of ​​these slightly elderly people, who could pass on something, because old age can also teach something good”. The soundtrack of this trip? He has no doubts, it definitely would Reckless life by Vasco, less rock Milo who would choose instead Marvelous by Domenico Modugno.

The new entry Marisa Laurito

Good Girls 12

Good Girls: A picture from the TV show

The formula of Those good girls does not change: the challenges, the selfies, the chance encounters and the trusted driver, Alessandro Livi, who, as always, will accompany them around to discover new destinations, cultures and traditions remain. The novelty however is Marisa Lauritowhich however does not break the balance, on the contrary it seems to have settled in without problems by immediately intercepting the spirit and lightness of the program: “They wanted Orietta, but never mind! I ended up somewhere between luscious and brusque – jokes – We had a great time together, because Sandra and Mara are very special women with an extraordinary experience and a beautiful life to tell”. And then, he adds, “I’m very curious, I like to talk, know and go inside things”. She and Sandra Milo have met several times, she says, but they’ve never gotten to know each other as well as on this trip: “Sandra lives in a world of her own, she is an extraordinarily good woman and very attached to her family, perhaps too much. She is fantastic, she walks and flowering meadows open up, flowers appear here and there, birds chase and precede her, seven dwarfs appear, prince charming comes towards us on horseback. It’s really very funny”.

Good Girls 3

Good Girls: A picture from the TV show

Is Mary? she adores her “she already makes me laugh a lot on television, I was very curious to be with her and have fun. Mara has a pragmatic character, or at least that’s what she wants to show, but deep down she is a special person with a lot of heart”. Who is learning in the meantime “to become a good girl”paraphrasing the title of the program, “because I’ve always been a bit of a pain in the ass but now old age has softened me up”. Unlike Laurito, who is keen to clarify: “I don’t like being a good girl, I don’t like going in line with a current, I always like to deviate. ‘other across the line’.

Tell about themselves

Good Girls 10

Good Girls: A picture from the TV show

Laughter guaranteed in this too second seasonin which the trio will continue to tell each other between moments of intimacy and pure fun, during which there is also the opportunity to meet and recompose “parts a little flaked”. It was nice “find them – reveals Milo – and discover the soul, the depth, the affection and how they lived their life so intensely, without wasting it, always appreciating it, for better or for worse”. A joie de vivre that is also theirs for Laurito “common denominator”: “We want to live continuously in a pleasant and fruitful way, and we all three love our work”. But lightness is the element that continues to distinguish the program, “a very important sentiment, not everyone has the strength to live life lightly, which instead helps to overcome the most dramatic moments. There was a lot of it on this trip, together with a great desire to have fun”. The one that Mara Maionchi never misses: “I’ve always found the comic side of things as well as old age, because it helps a lot”especially when there is a problem, “makes it naked and everything becomes relative”. Will there be a third season? Probably yes, “we would like to see many of these trips”says Pisoni.