Stay with me, the start time of the episodes on Rai 1. Details

What time does Stay with me on Rai 1 start?

remain with me is a fiction co-produced by Rai Fiction and Palomar. Directed by Monica Vullo and is made from an idea by Maurice DeGiovanni. The output of remain with me on Rai 1 is fixed Sunday 19 February 2023 in the early evening. This fiction, in its first season, takes over the second cycle of episodes from The Investigations of Lolita Lobosco 2 with Luisa Ranieri. remain with me is officially presented on the Ariston stage during the 73rd Sanremo Festival. As representatives of the cast they attend the most famous musical event in Italy Francis Ark (interpreter of Alessandro Scudieri) both Mario DiLeva (who plays the role of Diego Russo in the fiction). Net of the presentation, which took place on Friday 10 February 2023, what time does it start remain with me on Rai 1?

When does the episode of Stay with me start? The timetable

Laura Adriani (Paola Montella) in a scene from
Laura Adriani (Paola Montella) in a scene from “Stay with me”. Credits: Gianni Fiorito and Rai

As mentioned, remain with me begins on Rai 1 on Sunday 19 February 2023 in prime time. Each episode consists of two episodes. Already in the first episode, the pain is touched by hand. Alessandro (Francesco Arca) e Paola (Laura Adriani) are a beautiful couple, with a child on the way. He is a Vice Quaestor and, one fine day, he decides to cross a fine line between duty and pleasure. In fact, he proposes to his wife to go to the seaside for lunch. So far, there would be nothing strange, but – in reality – he goes to a key place for some investigations and puts at risk, not only his safety but also that of his wife. Due to a shooting in which they are involved, she loses the baby. It follows a separation of the two. Paola needs to be alone, silence to metabolize what happened. Life puts the couple in front of a new challenge that has a name: Diego (Mario Di Leva)… Here, we already get too much into the plot, losing sight of the focus that interests you. The first episode of the evening of Stay with me begins at approximately 21:25. The total number of eposodes is sixteen. They are broadcast in eight episodes/evenings on Rai 1.

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