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Beautiful Advances February 20, 2023: Brooke welcomes Deacon back with open arms. Watch out Ridge!

Beautiful Advances February 20, 2023: Brooke welcomes Deacon back with open arms.  Watch out Ridge!

Let’s discover together the Advances of Beautiful for the episode of February 20, 2023. The Plots of the Soap episode broadcast on Canale5 tell us that Brooke will confess to Deacon that she has decided to give him a second chance.

The Advances Of Beautiful ci they reveal that in the Soap episodeaired on February 20, 2023 at ore 13.45 are Canale5, Brooke will find herself between two fires and it will be more and more difficult. After the close confrontation with Ridge, Logan will come face to face with Deaconarrived at her house to thank her for defending him from her husband and to assure her that he has really changed. Brooke will promise ex-lover Of try everything and everything to allow him to dating their daughter and will tell him that he has decided to really give him one second chance.

Beautiful sneak peeks: Ridge puts Brooke to the test

Ridge can’t stand it That Brooke stood up for Deacon and began to think that Sharpe intend not only to mend his relationship with Hope but also to win back his wife. Jealous, furious, and worried about his marriage falling apart, he’s decided to interrogate Brooke and to ask her how she feels about the Sharpe now. The blonde hastened to reassure him; no one can take his place in his heart, not Deacon or anyone else. For the designer, these were very important words but they didn’t help to calm him down completely. To be able to make him forget all this situation, Deacon Sharpe will have to get out of sight.

Beautiful Previews: Deacon shows up at Brooke’s after her confrontation with Ridge

Deaconafter venting to Sheila, will return to Brookeper thank her for what she did for him. The Sharpe he’ll be popping into Logan’s houseshortly after Ridge leaves his home to return to the office. He will then find the blonde alone and reassure her about her by telling her that he made sure her husband was not around before introducing himself to her. Deacon will tell her that he really is Glad you stood up for him and protected him in front of Ridge and will reiterate that he intends to show both her and her daughter how much he has changed.

Brooke welcomes Deacon back with open arms: here are the Advances of Beautiful on February 20, 2023

Brooke will remain very impressed by Deacon’s words e she will confess to having thought a lot about what to do. She, like Hope, she believes that he has really changed and decided to give him a second chance even against Ridge’s negative opinion. For Sharpe it will be a real joy and, taken by enthusiasm, he will begin to remember the good times spent together and the passion that united them. Brooke will try to stop him even if in her heart she will have to admit that the time spent with him was really wonderful. But now is not the time to think about them but about their creature, Hope, who will surely be happy to see her parents get along again.

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