Men and women, what did Andrea Foriglio think of Roberta Di Padua’s compliments?

Andrea Foriglio is Nicole Santinelli’s new suitor and it seems that Men and Women have also been noticed by the lady Roberta Di Padua, who tried to leave him her number. What did the suitor think of these attentions? Let’s see it together.

Men and women he found a new tronista, Nicole Santinelliand with her we are also witnessing the acquaintance of some of the new suitors, including Andrew Foriglioosteopath of VIPs, well known on social networks.

Men and Women, Andrea Foriglio replies to Roberta Di Padua’s comment

Upon his arrival, Foriglio immediately stood out in the parterre of suitors and was immediately noticed by Roberta Di Padualady of the throne over, for her resemblance to the former face of the program Maria De Filippithe gieffino Davide Donadei. In Paduain fact, was so surprised by Andreawho already at the presentation of the new throne could not help but ask him to introduce himself and to know a few more details about her.

But, the lady went even further, because during an episode, while Nicole e Andrea at the study center they told their exterior, he asked the presenter to be able to speak. Her request left everyone a bit dumbfounded, because Roberta he asked Andrea if you could leave him the number, since she would like to get to know him better. The suitor, embarrassed, however, refused, admitting that he was only there to get to know each other better Nicole. However, the suitor also felt flattered, so much so that he commented that:

“Receiving compliments, above all, if from a beautiful woman, is always nice”

Also, fans of the program noticed that, during the last taping, Andrea e Roberta they danced together. Should we expect any twists?

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