Big Brother Vip, the Pelizon family intervenes on social media: “Very serious things have been said to Nikita”

The first warnings came from Nikita Pelizion’s team and his family: “Everyone will answer in the appropriate forums”

It has been several weeks since the team and family of Nikita Pelizon reports serious facts and statements against the model by her fellow adventurers al Gf Vip.

Gf Vip, Nikita Pelizon’s family has announced legal action

The reality show also appears not to be allowing parents to meet her, compounding their frustration.

The mother of Nikita Pelizon is back on social media to inform that the team and the daughter’s family they proceeded to distrust some contestants on the reality show.

“I would like to dwell on three points for a moment – reads the profile – In recent months Nikita has been attacked for:

-Case Sarah: accused of having given her no good, which is not true. We all have the video of when Sarah herself says: “I was also a social climber” (she denied having said it in the episode). So Nikita just quoted a sentence from her.

– Antonella case: accused of having criticized Antonella’s physique, which is not true. We have the full video of Nikita who in a speech reports the words of Antonella herself, adding that for her she has a wonderful physique and shouldn’t feel at fault for an extra kilo.

– Luca case: accused of being crazy and visionary because she would have invented things that never existed. We have the videos. Luca denied grabbing her by her hair, slamming her against her wall, requesting “porc*te” in her ear, writing and writing hearts on her body with a pen. He even said that Nikita wanted to talk without a microphone when there are videos of him taking it off her to talk and Nikita doesn’t want to and puts it back on. We have the videos.

I will repeat it over and over again. Very serious words have been said towards Nikita and still no one has shown anything. Yesterday Oriana claimed that she had never called her a bitch. We have the videos.

Based on these events, the team announced the warnings and the mother’s willingness to be able to meet her daughter: I conclude by saying that everyone will respond in the appropriate locations and I declare that the first warnings have started. But I ask once again to reassure Nikita personally. She has been crying all night and is visibly tired and broken.”

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