Big Brother Vip, Nikita cries because he loses his favorite televoting

Nikita’s moment of discouragement that has lost support from the public.

Yesterday, during the thirty-fourth episode of Big Brother VIPthe televoting confirmed the victory as favorite of Oriana Marzoli. In the challenge the Venezuelan won against Antonella Fioredelisi, Nikita Pelizon and Antonino Spinalbese.

Gf Vip, Nikita in tears because she is no longer the public’s favorite

Nikita and Antonella in particular, they blamed the latest televoting also because they have been the public’s favorite on numerous occasions. At the end of the episode, the model from Trieste let loose in tears with her fiordelisi.

“We’ve been going through things for months and seeing that we don’t get to the public, it’s bad eh! – said Antonella, as reported by Biccy – If the public doesn’t understand us, Nikita and I feel bad because we are stressed”.

Nikitacrying, wondered what could have done wrong not to be there favorite (for the second time)

β€œThis is the second time: first Alberto preferred, then Oriana preferred. Last time it hadn’t been like this and the support from outside had reached me. This means that there is no more support. I do not have it anymore”

β€œThis isn’t right, this doesn’t make sense, how is this possible? (…) This thing that in the favorites is already the second time I feel that there is no support from outside, I say OOOUUH, not only do I have no support in here apart from some people, but I no longer have it outside. So I say: what have I done wrong? Why? I’m being alone again, yuck. Ok that there are angels..”

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