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Big Brother Vip, Ivana Mrazova and Luca Onestini: the model reveals the truth about their farewell (VIDEO)

Big Brother Vip, Ivana Mrazova and Luca Onestini: the model reveals the truth about their farewell (VIDEO)

During the last episode of Big Brother Vip, available for free streaming on Mediaset Infinity, Ivana Mrazova unbalanced her relationship with Luca Onestini.

During the last episode of Big Brother VIPaired yesterday Thursday 16 February 2023, Ivan Mrazova decided to break the silence and reveal some more detail on the break with her ex Luca Onestini. Let’s see together what happened in detail, reminding you that the episodes of Gf Vip are available free streaming on Mediaset Infinity.

Ivana Mrazova’s truth about breaking up with Luca Onestini

Il relationship between Ivana Mrazova and Luca Onestini continues to enthrall everyone both inside and outside the Casa del Big Brother VIP. Interviewed by Alfonso Signorini during the last live broadcast, the beautiful model recalled some very difficult moments in his life and analyzed the cause which led her to separate from the former tronista of Men and Women:

His father’s passing hurt deeply Ivanawho did not find the support she hoped for from her beloved Luca. The physical distance then, due to the pandemic, made the situation worse. The two started arguing, even for useless things, until they decided to put an end to their love story:

Useless quarrels ensued. I needed psychological support, not for it to reach me, I knew it wasn’t possible. My dad’s mourning, Luca’s affair… And then other things added. My grandmother found out she had cancer. Every time we went away we struggled a bit. When we are together, we are very good together. When we got away it was always a bit of a mess.

If I’m afraid to let go again? Sure, I thought he was the man of my life. What am I going to tell you today? I don’t know, it’s difficult. I was a little disappointed, I couldn’t handle the pain well. In fact, when we talked about it a few days ago, I clarified that I have all the things inside because I had put them aside for other problems. Luca is a very sensitive person. Since there’s been a few things, like the pandemic, he’s kind of freaked out.

Ivana Mrazova and Luca Onestini: Signorini’s confession about the couple

After hearing the words of Ivana, Gentlemen intervened to have his say:

You carry a wound inside you that never healed, he never had the courage to talk about this wound looking Luca in the eye. You have to be honest. The story ended because he wasn’t there when you needed him. You have to find the courage to tell him about it in order to heal a pending relationship. We’re rooting for you two.

Watch on Mediaset Infinity the video of Ivana Mrazova’s confession about breaking up with Luca Onestini