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Beyond the bars of Mare Fuori: a meeting between gangs in friendly territory

Oltre le sbarre di Mare Fuori: un incontro tra gang in territorio amico

From the Spanish quarters of Naples to the streets of Freedrige a The Angelslet’s try to imagine a special episode in which some characters from Sea Out meet those of On My Block. They may have more in common than you imagine.


The Netflix series On my Block follows the story of four boys: Cesar, Jamal, Monse e Ruby.

On My Block
Diego Tinoco come Cesar Diaz in On My Block (640X444)

Cesar Diaz (Diego Tinoco) he is an intelligent, generous Latin American teenager. On the one hand incredibly sweet and caring, and on the other ready to give his life for the people he loves. Unfortunately for him his brother Spooky is the dangerous leader of the Santos, a gang that controls the trafficking of drugs and weapons Freedrige. The dream of a peaceful future away from street life becomes increasingly unrealistic for Cesarwhen Spooky gets out of jail. The older brother expects that Cesar one day take his place on the family throne, as gang boss. A series of events will lead Cesar to lose all hope in that dream, losing faith in the ability of his heart to be as good and pure as it would like.

After all one does not choose his familyand this Carmine di Salvo he knows better than anyone.

sea ​​out
Massimiliano Caiazzo as Carmine Di Salvo in Out Sea (640×480)

Among the protagonists of the new successful series sea ​​out, license plate Rai and Netflix, there is Carmine Di Salvo (Massimiliano Caiazzo) a sweet and innocent boy, son of a Camorra family from Naples. Carmine is insulted in the street as in prison. They call o’ piecoro, indicating his cowardly nature, but the truth is that he simply wants nothing to do with his family’s problems. Unfortunately, despite the attempts to escape his fate, Carmine is unable to free himself from the curse that follows his blood and ends up in the Juvenile Penal Institute of Naples. Behind bars he finds a sense of freedom thanks to brotherly friendship with other boys.

In Sea Out come in On my Block friends become family and maybe that’s just the only thing these two guys really need.

Per Cesar his family are Ruby, Jamal e Monse.

Sea out
On My Block (640×360)

Ruby and a little’ o’ Chiattillo Of Sea Outbut in a Latin version in perfect style On my Block. At Sea Out O’Chiattilo And Philip Ferrari (interpreted by Nicholas Maupas) a Milanese teenager, tall, talented and from a good family who seems to have nothing in common with the other inmates except that he too is guilty of a crime. A fatal accident that leads to the tragic death of a friend of his opens the doors of the IPM of Naples for him, thrusting him into a world of crime he had only heard about on TV.

Ruby unfortunately it does not share the same appearance as Filipponot to detract from the charm Jason Genao. E not even the same money or talent for the protagonist’s plan of Sea Outbut like him too Ruby he is one of the few of his group who was raised in a normal, healthy family environment. Chiattillo in Neapolitan means “good boy”,and that’s just the perfect definition for Ruby e Filippo. Both put friendship first, before themselves and having them in their lives is a blessing for their best friends.

Speaking of best friends, you know which character from Mare Fuori would get along amazingly well with Jamal (Brett Gray) Of On My Block? Our beloved Pino (Ar Tem). One is madly in love with dogs and the other finds his best friend in a woman in her eighties and a series of curious garden gnomes. Both are the crazy ones of the group, the ones with a few wheels out of place. Yet they are also gifted with big hearts, are passionate at heart and loyal beyond all else. It would be fantastic to see them investigate some mystery together, insulting each other a little in Spanish and a little in Neapolitan, and then hugging each other with tears in their eyes (theirs eh not ours).

But what would life be without the love that makes us feel free?

Sea Out
Maria Esposito as Rosa Ricci in Out Sea (640×400)

This is where our queens enter the scene, so different and at the same time so similar.

Sea Out presents the fierce Curly Rose. Played by Maria Esposito, Rosa she joined the rest of the inmates of Sea Out in the third season with the purpose of avenging the death of his brother Cyrus (James George)which she attributes to Carmine Di Salvo. Daughter of camorristi, she will keep up the family name Ricci both outside and inside juvenile detention. Despite her genetic aggressiveness, episode after episode, the protagonist of Mare Fuori will reveal part of her heart behind the facade of hard and cold Princess Ricci. Love can be an extremely powerful weapon on the streets of Naples as well as those of Freedrige. In some cases it can even save you from yourself, and you know this too well All. Played by Sierra Capri, Monse is a headstrong girl of Afro-Latino descent, raised by her single father on the streets of Freedrige (Los Angeles).

All she is a brutally honest girl, without filters and at times overbearing (does she remind you of Mare Fuori?), which is why Cesar calls her the “honey badger”. The vengeful fury of Rosa Of Sea Out in All is replaced by his desire to want to help his friends, above all Cesar. His first true love, trapped in the clutches of the Santos becomes his mission for all seasons of On My Block.

Who knows what these two would be able to do together, maybe they would be able to save the people they love and get out of this existence that marks an expiration date on their foreheads. Maybe together they would finally be able to see the Sea Out.

Mare Fuori, the sensational announcement: “The fourth, fifth and sixth seasons will also arrive”