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YOU 4: Joe faces off with an old acquaintance in the Part 2 trailer

YOU 4: Joe faces off with an old acquaintance in the Part 2 trailer

The Penn Badgley thriller series returns to Netflix with new episodes on March 9.

What could still go wrong with Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), after being drawn once again into a maelstrom of blood and violence just when he wanted to start from scratch? Perhaps come face to face with his ex-wife Love (Victoria Pedretti) that he himself thought he had killed and framed by staging a perfectly executed murder-suicide. The official trailer from the Part 2 from the fourth season – coming up Netflix the next March 9 – heralds this creepy encounter: a dream? A flashback? A hallucination? Or really a shocking twist? From YOU we can expect everything.

YOU 4: Where will Part 2 start from

In the first five episodes of the fourth season of YOU we saw stalker Joe move to London and adopt the new identity of Jonathan Moore, a literature professor at a prestigious British university. Unintentionally, he found himself embroiled in a string of murders perpetrated by a mysterious killer called “The Rich-Eating Killer” who knew all about him and wanted to bring him down. Eventually Joe exposed it and found out it was one of his new friends, Rhys (Ed Spieler).

YOU 4 Love

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In the remaining 5 episodes, once the identity of the murderer has been revealed, the series will rather focus on the psychological link which will be established between Joe and Rhys, now also a candidate for mayor of London. “It’s not for you to tell me who I am. I’m not some cold, ruthless psychopath,” Joe tells him in the trailer. One thing is certain: as Netflix warns in the clip, all hell will break loose in London.