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The Last of Us 1×05: justify the Differences from the Game

The Last of Us 1x05: justify the Differences from the Video Game

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Warning: This article contains spoilers

The Last of Us continues to generate excitement among viewers, with one last episode being particularly well received.
But some have noticed some significant differences between the plot of the series and that of the video game: In particular, the fifth installment introduced some significant changes to Sam’s character and omitted some storylines from the game.

In an interview on The Last of Us Official Podcast, the executive producers Craig Mazin e Neil Druckman they discussed these changes, revealing, for example, that Henry was transformed into a character who never killed other people, unlike what happens in the video game. This change is intended to draw a line between him and Joel and to explain his dependence on the protagonist of the series.

Other changes have been made to the storyline, such as the decision to cut the story of the character of Ish, which in the game is told through letters and diaries that players can find. However, the producers tried to honor the existence of the character through a brief mention in the TV series, revealing that it was not possible to tell the story of him in its entirety.

Despite these changes, the producers have also discussed the willingness to enrich the story of the game through the TV series, as in the case of the characters of Bill and Frankwhich have a different storyline on the show.

These differences have divided opinion among fans of the TV series, with some appreciating the interpretation of the story, while others prefer fidelity to the original game, while appreciating the unquestionable quality of HBO’s television product.

The first five episodes of The Last of Us are available to stream on NOW.
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