What’s Love? The Italian trailer of the romantic comedy with Lily James and Emma Thompson

What is love? A question as simple as it is deeply unsettling, which the two protagonists of What’s Love?, Zoe (Lily James) and Kazim (Shazad Latif), will try to answer. So here is the Italian trailer of the film to be released at the cinema on March 16th.

What’s Love? romantic comedy with Lily James and Emma Thompson – will be in Italian theaters from March 16. After the preview at the Toronto Film Festival and the passage to the 17th Rome Film Fest – where it was awarded the Ugo Tognazzi Award for best comedy – the film is therefore ready to conquer the public.

What’s Love? – Plot, cast and Italian trailer of Shekhar Kapur’s comedy

On the occasion of the imminent release, Lucky Red – Italian distribution house of the film – has made available the Italian trailer of What’s Love. At the center of the story we find two childhood friends on the threshold of thirty years, the video maker Zoe (Lily James) e Kazim (Shazad Latif), who have to deal with the cultural traditions and desires of their families, especially in terms of romantic relationships – as can also be seen from official synopsis:

Two childhood friends on the threshold of thirty years have to deal with the cultural traditions of their families, also and above all in terms of love. Zoe grapples with demands from her eccentric mother Cath and online dating, while Kazim is pushed by his parents into an arranged marriage. Zoe films Kazim’s hopeful journey from London to Lahore to marry a stranger and begins to wonder if he might have anything to learn from such a different approach to finding love. Both will have to find the right way to listen to their hearts.

To wear the cumbersome and fun clothes of Zoe’s mother is the Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson. They then complete the cast Taj Atwal, Shabana Azmi, Oliver Chris, Nosheen Phoenix, Ben Ashenden, Asim Chaudhry, Nikkita Chadha, Sajal Ali, Yassine Anaddam. What’s Love? – poised to become a new milestone in romantic comedies – was produced by the team behind the success of Love Actually and IBridget Jones’s Diarywhile behind the camera we find Shekhar Kapur (Elizabeth, The four feathers, Elizabeth – The Golden Age). While waiting for the arrival in the hall, What’s Love? will be preceded by one review of five romantic comedies that have made many generations dream and fall in love, one planned every Monday from 13 February to 13 March: Notting Hill, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Love actually, Matter of time and Yesterday – which stars Lily James in the cast. The review will conclude with the preview screeningil March 14Of What’s Love? – the list of rooms is available on the official Lucky Red website. An unmissable appointment to celebrate Valentine’s Day and then continue to enjoy it on the big screen some of the most iconic love stories in the history of cinema.

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