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Rosa Ricci dies in Mare Fuori 3?

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Sea Out 3 Rosa Ricci dies?

What really happens at the end of Sea Out 3: Rosa Ricci dies? Arrives at the stroke of midnight on February 13, 2023 the second and last part of the third season of the fiction available as a preview on RaiPlay.

And here among the audience of enthusiasts there are those who would like explanations on the ending of third chapterended in a very ambiguous way.

In fact, there are many questions left open at the end of the twelfth and final episode. Among these, for example, it is impossible not to wonder what will happen to our Rosa Ricci. Entered the IPM with the aim of avenging the death of her brothers, the girl ends up falling in love with her enemy number one, Carmine Di Salvo.

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However, it is an impossible and dangerous love right from the start, and the two boys know this very well. Yet the consequences of their love will be even more tragic than expected. Here are the spoilers on the fate of the girl in the season three finale.

WARNING: What follows is the full explanation of the ending of Season 3 of Sea Out and includes big ones spoiler about everything that happens. If you haven’t finished watching the second half of season 3 yet or don’t want to miss out on the surprises, we advise you not to continue reading. If instead you want to find out who dies at the end of Sea Out 3, if you scroll down – immediately after the photo – you will find the answer to your questions. We have warned you about spoiler!

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From left: Maria Esposito (Rosa Ricci) and Giacomo Giorgio (Ciro Ricci) in a scene from the first episode of
From left: Maria Esposito (Rosa Ricci) and Giacomo Giorgio (Ciro Ricci) in a scene from the first episode of “Mare Fuori 3”. Credits Sabrina Cirillo and Rai

What happens to Rosa Ricci in Mare Out 3?

At the end of the twelfth and final episode Rosa she just indulged in an intense and romantic kiss with Carmine (Massimiliano Caiazzo). The two are in love and aren’t afraid to admit it to each other. But that romantic moment is destined to turn very soon into a real nightmare: Don Salvatore arrives.

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Rosa is soon put at a crossroads: choose love for Carmine or family. Don Salvatore, in fact, chased her discovering disconcerted that the boy her daughter fell in love with is really a Di Salvo, their enemy. To make her decide which side of her to be on, the man hands his daughter the gun with which she will have to make her choice. At first the decision would seem easy, to go against her father.

Carmine, however, intervenes instantly to convince Rosa not to stain her hands with patricide. Confused and scared, Rosa ends up pointing the gun at her lying down.

At this point Carmine and Don Salvatore throw themselves towards her to prevent her from making this tragic gesture. And here the shot is suddenly obscured by a brick pillar. A shot is heard followed by a scream, but it is not clear which of the three was hit. Was it Rosa who was hit by the gun? We will only know during the fourth season of Sea Out.