On Wednesday, Jenna Ortega had a nervous breakdown during filming: “I wasn’t sleeping and I was pulling my hair out”

The young protagonist of the Netflix series has revealed that she went through difficult times while preparing to play her character.

Critics and audiences loved and praised her as a perfect Wednesday Addams, but Jenna Ortega he worked hard to achieve the results that we have seen in the series Netflix. Sometimes even giving up sleep and going through real hysterical crises while working on Wednesday. The actress herself revealed it in a recent interview with Variety.

Wed: Jenna Ortega talks about the challenges she faced on set

The protagonist of Wednesday spoke outspoken about how busy the shooting schedule of the series was and how she was forced to work up to 14 hours a dayoften feeling exhausted. To this were added the cello and fencing lessons which he had to follow in order to be even more believable as his character. All elements that, at a certain point, brought her to a breaking point. “I had to arrive on set two hours early and work 12 to 14 hours. Then I’d come home and connect on Zoom to follow the lessons. Or I’d arrive home and my cello teacher was already there waiting for me. He always went like that. And if by chance there was a weekend off, if we didn’t have to shoot for the sixth straight day in a week, then I was like, ‘Well, let’s put classes on that day,'” recalled Jenna Ortega.


The help Tim Burton received during crises

The actress focused precisely on the cello lessons, recalling how difficult the scene in which Wednesday plays the song was for her Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones, since she had to play a score originally conceived for two cellos by herself. “I didn’t sleep. I was tearing my hair out. There were many FaceTime calls where my dad saw me cry hysterically“, Ortega said. Added to all this was the effort to create, alone and in just two days, the choreography of Wednesday’s dance that went viral and shoot that scene while it was unknowingly positive for Covid.

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Apparently, however, the director of some episodes of the series, Tim Burton, was very understanding and tried to ease some particularly stressful periods for the actress by telling her not to worry and reassuring her that he would make things right. Burton, in fact, has reserved words of praise for her Wednesday in every interview he has given. But that doesn’t make Jenna Ortega’s experience less traumatic than already last October, speaking with Interviewhe had defined his experience in the series “the most oppressive job I’ve ever had”. At this point we wonder how Jenna Ortega received the news of the renewal of Wednesday for a second season, given the huge success. Will she be ready for a new tour de force?

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