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Big Brother Vip, Luca Onestini blurts out against Ivana Mrazova: “You have completely ruined what was there”

Big Brother Vip, Luca Onestini blurts out against Ivana Mrazova: "You have completely ruined what was there"

Hard confrontation at Big Brother Vip between Luca Onestini and his ex Ivana Mrazova.

This eveningMonday February 13, 2023, su Channel 5 will go a new and unmissable episode of Big Brother Vip is on the air. In the meantime, the two ex-boyfriends in the Casa di Cinecittà Luca Onestini and Ivana Mrazova they became protagonists of a hard question and answer in which heavy accusations were made.

Luca Onestini’s disappointment at Gf Vip

Hard confrontation in the Big Brother Vip house between Luca Onestini and Ivana Mrazova after kiss taken for fun between the model and Andrea Maestrelli. Kiss that literally displaced the former tronista of Men and Women who, during a confrontation with his ex-girlfriend, failed to hide all his disappointment:

Evidently either you’ve changed or I didn’t understand anything about you. But not that you did or didn’t do, and that if they had asked me I would have said “impossible”, it’s not kissing a house. If they had asked me I would never have thought you would do these things here. You can’t start crying afterwards, I must have already felt bad after what you said. I tell you that if you make an observation to someone else then you can’t put yourself there, you feel bad.

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For its part, the Mrazova he tried to defend himself against accuse and better explain his position making him even more nervous Onestini:

I’m sorry, look I tell you. If you came here to talk bullshit, to create other problems for me, to piss me off, I tell you, I’m no longer surprised by anything, anyone who came to piss me off anyway. One more is not the problem. And that you don’t feel clean. What are you talking about? In front of you all the more reason it seemed out of place. I just told it like it is. After eight months ago, which we had already broken up, this thing is ridiculous. Eight months ago! I don’t understand what you’re talking about. Unresolved things between you and me? What do you need to solve? Do you know who you have to thank? If so, you’ll have yourself to thank. You completely ruined what was there, total disappointment! I probably didn’t understand many things about you.

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