Big Brother Vip, uproar against Oriana Marzioli who tears a photo of Antonino and spits on it

New storm at Gf Vip for a gesture by Oriana Marzoli towards Antonino Spinalbese.

Newto bufera at Gf Vip for a gesture of Oriana Marzoli towards Antonino Spinalbese.

Gf Vip, Oriana Marzoli’s gesture towards Antonino Spinalbese indignant the web

While preparations were underway for Valentine’s Day evening, the Venezuelan he spat on Antonino Spinalbese’s photohe tore it and then repeatedly trampled arousing the hilarity of Luca Onestini and Giaele De Donà who attended the show Oriana.

The reason, of course, is linked to the current relationship between the two roommates who, after having approached several times and expressed a certain interest, had a rather sudden breakup after which rags flew.

Antoninus over the last few weeks he has always appeared very hostile towards Oriana denying and regretting having exposed himself against him. Between the two, the relationship tilted following some behaviors that the La Spezia judged several times as superficial. Oriana’s gesture on the Antonino’s photo immediately outraged the viewers of the reality show who are clamoring for her to be punished, as was the (much discussed) gesture of Eleonoire Ferruzzi against Nikita Pelizon (In the case, Eleonoire he spat at the arrival of Nikita even if the showgirl has repeatedly denied that the gesture was aimed at the Trieste model).

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