Big Brother Vip, Matteo Diamante to Nikita Pelizon: “If you’re sick, I’m sick too”

Nikita Pelizon and Matteo Diamante confront Big Brother Vip about their relationship.

Time to confessions and comparisons in the House of Big Brother Vip for Nikita Pelizon and Matteo Diamante. The two protagonists of the seventh edition of reality show they decided to discuss their relationship, promising to put away the old misunderstandings of the past to enjoy this television experience together.

Matteo Diamante in tears for Nikita Pelizon

New comparison to Big Brother Vip Between Nikita Pelizon and Matteo Diamante. Between tears and smiles, the two ex-boyfriends returned to talk about their relationship, promising to put away the old misunderstandings. Although their romance is over, they continue to be linked by a very sincere effect as revealed by the boy between tears:

We’re living it whether you like it or not…it’s a test, a test, I don’t know…it’s like life is telling me something. I shouldn’t have come here because it all comes back here… I felt bad for you Niki, after seven years I didn’t think I’d be here defending you. They are tears of joy, I like being here with you I won’t deny it… I’m ashamed to do these things, I wake up and you’re the first person I’m looking for. I don’t want you to feel bad, if you feel bad I feel bad too.

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Words that hit NikitaThat she invited her ex Matteo to put pride aside and to try to live peacefully in the Casa del Gf Vip:

The universe wanted us to have this experience together. Maybe it’s a chance to understand that we can go further, we’ve never managed to have a concrete friendship. What we got was very important. I know who you are and you know who I am, we must be able to accept ourselves for who we are and perhaps build a relationship based on respect.

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