Big Brother Vip, Giovanni Ciacci against Antonino: “My cell phone was taken away from me, I had no contact with anyone”

The former vippone attacked Antonino Spinalbese during the last episode of Casa Pipol

John Ciacciamong the former protagonists of the Big Brother VIPspoke in the last appointment with Casa Pipol attacking hard Antonino Spinalbese.

Gf Vip, Giovanni Ciacci against Antonino Spianalbese: “He treats women in a disconcerting way”

The latter seems to have been able to use the mobile phone during his absence at the Gf Vip when he was admitted to the hospital for a minor operation that put him away from home for a full two weeks. Second Bye (but not only) the affair would represent an injustice

“My phone was taken away in quarantine and I had no contact with anyone and I was staying in a horrible hotel. If he had the phone I can’t tell you.”

He is a pathological narcissist – continued the former vippone – it’s not that because you fucked * Belen you are not Alain Delon or even Brad Pitt. He treats women in a disconcerting way. But do you think when Antonino makes love he looks in the mirror? In my opinion, yes. They make them believe it. Remove it from the context of the House, you are in bed with Antonino and there is a mirror: who do you think is looking at? You or the mirror? For me the mirror.”

Talking about Antonella Fiordelisi, Bye stated that he saw her with theex boyfriend Gianluca Beinicasa and that they both seemed very much in love:

“The real character I miss is Antonella Fiordelisi’s ex-boyfriend. I don’t like her because she causes dissension and does everything in favor of the camera. Her parents are making another Big Brother outside. I had Antonella as a guest in Egypt for me and she was with Gianluca and I remember her in love lost, it happened this summer.”

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