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Men and Women, Sara Shaimi tells the reasons behind the return with Sonny Di Meo

Men and Women, Sara Shaimi tells the reasons behind the return with Sonny Di Meo

Sara Shaimi has decided to reveal the reasons for her return with Sonny Di Meo after the much talked about breakup. Let’s see together what she said.

Sara Shami has finally revealed to fans the reasons for his choice to get back with Sonny DiMeo: his breakup was very turbulent, complete with rumors of a betrayal by In Meo in his regards. After the initial excitement, now, the former face of Men and women she is ready to tell the reasons that led her to this decision.

Men and Women, Sara Shaimi tells the reasons that led her to return with Sonny Di Meo

Some time ago, Sara Shami e Sonny DiMeo they had announced they wanted to separate and the former suitor had begun an acquaintance with Aurora Colombobut apparently it was a flash in the pan, because the two who met on the program of Channel 5 they are back together and seem happier than ever.

On Instagram, the former tronista has revealed what prompted her to get back together with In Meo:

“So, guys, it’s right that you know that we are back together after a series of things that have happened. Those who follow us know very well that it has always been a story of three years, of ups and downs, because we have two very strong and different characters. And this, therefore, then created some problems. The distance took its toll and therefore we were always in constant war, but the love has always been there, very strong. Love and hate at times, snaps of rabbis. A mad love and equally strong hatred, of course hate in parentheses! Last time we came to a bad thing, because in this case Sonny really didn’t want to go back because he was still suffering. I then obviously realized my mistakes. treaty of treason, but then I also understood the reasons that prompted him to behave in this way.”

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