Crash course on love TV series: release, plot and streaming

Crash course in love when does it come out? February 5 on Netflix

Al go to Italy Crash course in loveSouth Korean TV series available for streaming on Netflix since February 5, 2023 with a weekly appointment consisting of two episodes.

The Korean drama is the brainchild of Yang Hee-seung. It is a miniseries that has been very successful in Korea and is set in the world of private education.

Plot of crash course on love, what it’s about

What is the TV series about? What is the plot? The protagonist is Nam Haeng-seon, a mother of a family who has made enormous sacrifices without ever complaining. The day comes when her daughter Hae-yi has to take the entrance exam for a valid private mathematics school.

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Screenshot of the trailer of
Screenshot of the Trailer of “Crash Course on Love” Tv Series. Credits: Netflix

At that point the woman turns to a cynical and famous mathematics professor, the most popular in private education.

Cast of crash course on love, actors and characters

Who do we find in the main cast of the Netflix drama series? Here’s who the characters and actors are:

  • Jeon Do-yeon is Nam Haeng-Seon
  • Lee Bong-ryun è Kim Young-Joo
  • Sin Jae Ha is Ji Dong-Hee
  • Kim Sun-young è Jo Su-Hi
  • Roh Yoon-seo is Nam Hae-Yi
  • Ryu Da-Bin è Jang Dan-Ji
  • Kang Na-eon it’s Bang Soo-Ah
  • Kim Da-hwin is Jeon Jong-Ryeol

Episodes of crash course on love, how many there are

And how many bets is the first season composed? In total it has 16 episodes, distributed in Italy once a week starting from 5 February 2023 in blocks of two. Here’s what Netflix’s schedule is:

  • Episode 1 and 2 – Sunday 5 February 2023;
  • Episode 3 and 4 – Sunday 12 February 2023;
  • Episode 5 and 6 – Sunday 19 February 2023;
  • Episode 7 and 8 – Sunday 26 February 2023;
  • Episode 9 and 10 – Sunday 5 March 2023;
  • Episode 11 and 12 – Sunday 12 March 2023;
  • Episode 13 and 14 – Sunday 19 March 2023;
  • Episode 15 and 16 – Sunday 26 March 2023.

Trailer for Crash Course in Love

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here is the official trailer of the TV series distributed by Netflix :

Crash course on love in streaming, where to see it

Stream the first season of Crash course in love tv series is available exclusively on Netflix in all the countries reached by the service.

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