Big Brother Vip, Francesco Chiofalo lies Antonella Fiordelisi: “Gianluca told the truth, everyone knows that…”

Francesco Chiofalo attacks Antonella Fiordelisi and confirms the version of Gianluca Benincasa.

Francesco Chiofalo is back on the attack against his ex Antonella Fiordelisi. The Roman published a long outburst on social media commenting, in no uncertain terms, the discussed relationship between the competitor of Big Brother Vip and Gianluca Benincasa unexpectedly defending the latter.

Chiofalo attacks Antonella Fiordelisi and defends Gianluca Benincasa

The relationship between Antonella Fiordelisi and Gianluca Benincasa continues to hold court both inside and outside the Casa del Big Brother VIP. To tell her about controversy regarding his ex-girlfriend he thought about it Francesco Chiofalo which, through a long post on social mediapublicly sided with Gianluca:

There’s not much to think about, Gianluca told the truth, the one that all of Salerno and the people who know them know. Including myself. In fact, I immediately said it as soon as she entered the program declaring herself single that it wasn’t true and that they were actually super engaged at home and that she pretended to be single with his complicity just to get into the cast of the program. And he was wrong to be her accomplice because he forced himself out of love for her to play this little theater that he didn’t want to do. Where the only one to really lose was him. And I personally told him the same thing in September when the program started. But he didn’t listen to me, he wanted to keep playing her game.

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Now he has finally told the truth, a truth that he has preferred to keep to himself up to now in the hope of keeping Antonella good once he leaves the House of the Gf Vip – continued Chiofalo – But now that he has understood that all is lost he has thrown away the mask and he told the whole truth. I’m sorry because he’s a good boy and he suffered a lot from all this little theater. Even if he, in my opinion, was wrong to let himself be exploited and used like this. But I think he bitterly regrets having been his accomplice in all of this. In his place I would never have done it!

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