Big Brother Vip, ex Vippona confesses: “Oriana is overwhelming, Edoardo and Antonella? This game is tiring”

Federica Calemme comments on the dynamics and protagonists of the seventh edition of Big Brother Vip.

Federica Calemme she returned to talk about Big Brother Vip at Casa Pipol. The beautiful model spoke about her about her love story with Gianmaria Antinolfiborn right in the famous Casa di Cinecittà, and called its sui protagonists of the seventh edition of the reality show conducted by Alfonso Signorini.

Federica Calemme criticizes the Donnalisis

Guest at Casa Pipol, the former gieffina Federica Calemme has decided to break the silence on the seventh edition of Big Brother VIP and tell her about game dynamics and the cast. About the couples born in the Housethe girlfriend of Gianmaria Antinolfi commented the one formed by Edoardo Donnamaria and Antonella Fiordelisi:

Let’s say that a relationship within the House is tough, in the sense that it’s hard to keep your nerve. The Donnalisis are a rather particular couple. It seems that the episode comes and they fight. I have to tell you, it’s not that I like them much, it’s what comes out. He’s taken, it’s obvious, at least as far as I’m concerned. He’s much more into her. But he got tired of this game, also because they fight over little things, for nothing. Of course, arriving there in three months, the nerves are a bit… we fight over any silly thing. But it’s a bit too much.

Federica he then continued commenting on the cast in generale del Gf Vip and the return of the ex to the House:

It’s a very young and fresh cast. There are also slightly more engaging dynamics. The return of the ex? We’ll see how they behave, even if I think there will be some return. Also because I’ve seen that many of them also left peacefully, they are on good terms, who felt a little before entering … so in my opinion there could be backfires. (…) I like Oriana so much, because I found her overwhelming, you either love her or hate her, but I’m sorry that she always gets a little discredited. Let’s forget that she felt attraction with Antonino and she didn’t go well, she tried with Luca and she didn’t go… Daniele, oh well. But it’s also a bit what happens outside. Like a man or a woman who goes out, she knows a person, she doesn’t feel comfortable, she likes another person… And I’m sorry that she is discredited in the episode. Davide Donadei doesn’t deserve to reach the final because I don’t know who he is, he hasn’t opened up yet. The eligible winner, however, is Nikita.

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As for his own path in the reality showthe calmness confessed:

I didn’t feel at ease because I’ve always been in my comfort zone in life… When I entered, I think that it wasn’t even easy for me to enter the race anyway. I think reality shows, at least in my experience, shouldn’t be done after three months of an already started program but immediately. I had fun, I locked myself in a house without knowing what I was getting into. I knew I was going to Big Brother so I had the cameras pointed and all, but I lost a bit the perception of being on television. Then the dynamics were already on and I’m a bit reserved person, it takes me a while to open up, it was a disaster.

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