Mila Kunis convinced Ashton Kutcher to appear on That ’90s Show

That ’90s Show is bringing back a sitcom that has always been unfairly underrated. In the center of That ’70s Show there were the fun adventures of a group of young 1970s teenagers living in a small anonymous town in Wisconsin. The TV series launched the careers of many actors such as Topher Grace, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher and Laura Prepon (the actress who later in Orange is the new Black gave us so many iconic quotes). All of these stars are back in the series’ big spin-off sequel that arrived earlier this year on Netflix, That ’90s Show. The new series is set twenty years after the original show and stars the young Leia Forman, who decides to spend the summer at his grandparents’ home Point Place in the hope of experiencing the same adventures his parents had. The sequel spin-off lived up to the original series and was quite successful, earning its own the renewal for the second season.

Apparently to convince Ashton Kutcher to participate in That ’90s Show it was his wife Mila Kunis.

The sitcom launched the career of the actor who, after the show, has become a real Hollywood idol. Actually the star should be grateful to That ’70s Show also because it was on the set of the TV series that he met his current wife, Mila Kunis. However, when there was talk of a return to the series that could also include some cameos from the actors of the original cast, Ashton Kutcher he wasn’t too sure he wanted to play Michael Kelso again. It was Mila Kunis who had it dragged inside That ’90s Show, as the actor explained in an interview with Esquire:

[She]said to me, ‘You know, we owe our whole career to this show. No matter what the script looks like, we’ll do it.’”

The words of Mila Kunis they were very wise and the actor therefore agreed to return to play the role of the famous character in pairs with her. In the interview he also revealed how he felt about returning to the set of the series with his wife and other former colleagues:

I mean, when we were there (on That ’70s Show), she was 15, I was 20; there was no romantic connection between the two of us. I think the crazy thing about this experience is that now we are in a completely different position in our relationship compared to where we were then. So, to go back and have this new shared experience was really wild and nostalgic. There are so many memories that come to life, like when you see the basement again or these characters that have been a part of our lives for so long. It was so nostalgic for us.”

That ’90s Show will return soon with a second season on Netflix.

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