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Dexter, the TV series will have three spin-offs. Trinity Killer prequel, sequel and series announced

Dexter, the TV series will have three spin-offs.  Trinity Killer prequel, sequel and series announced

Spin-off coming for Dexter

The world of Dexter expands: Three spin-offs announced, and they may not be the last. On Monday, February 6, Showtime – the cable network that has carried the series since its inception, and which recently returned under the umbrella of Paramount+ in the United States – today announced that it has officially ordered the new drama series Dexter: Origins (working title), to be produced by Emmy nominee Clyde Phillips and based on Dexter, the Emmy-nominated series starring Emmy nominee Michael C. Hall.

The network is also developing a new version of Dexter: New Blood – the sequel series which saw Michael C. Hall return as the serial killer for the revival season broadcast in fall 2021 – which will chronicle the emergence of Dexter’s son, Harrison. Additionally, Showtime is exploring projects based on other characters from the universe of Dexter, as the genesis of the infamous Trinity Killer, originally played by Emmy winner John Lithgow. The announcement was made by Chris McCarthy, president and CEO of Showtime and Paramount Media Networks.

Dexter: Origins

Dexter: Origins will follow young Dexter Morgan as he begins his transition as he takes his first steps towards the avenging serial killer we all know. Set in Miami – a hotbed of real serial killers at the time – the series will begin when Dexter graduates and joins the Miami Police, where he meets younger versions of many of the characters we came to know in the original Dexter. And of course, the series will also focus on Dexter’s family, including a very much alive Harry and a very formidable teenage Deb.

Dexter: New Blood

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Dexter: New Blood is a new version of the series that aired in the 2021-22 television season, which – to date – holds the record for the most watched title in Showtime history. The series will center on Dexter’s son Harrison, who survived the tumultuous rehoming with his father and flees to New York where he must contend with his own violent nature and if, like his father, he too is forced to kill. Dexter: New Blood will explore the themes and scenarios seen in the original Showtime series, but through a new point of view.

Spin-off on the Trinity Killer (and not only)

Additionally, Showtime is exploring other characters from the Dexter universe that the network could develop for potential series — such as, for example, the aforementioned spin-off about the origins of the Trinity Killer. “The Dexter saga has been an undeniable creative and popular success for Showtime, both in its original and innovative form and in its record-breaking Dexter: New Blood,” McCarthy said, adding: “The series is a rich foundation for other shows in the complex and subversive anti-hero lane that Showtime has always done so brilliantly. Clyde is steeped in compelling stories and characters that will satisfy the needs of our diverse audience”.

Phillips said: “I couldn’t be more excited to explore and expand the Dexter universe. It’s a privilege to think we’re going even deeper into these complex and iconic characters – and the stories, themes and possibilities they inspire. I’m thrilled that Chris and my friends at Showtime want me to help grow this incredibly successful and unique franchise”.

Composed of eight seasons, the TV series Dexter premiered in the fall of 2006 and starred Hall as Dexter Morgan, a complicated and conflicted blood spatter expert at the Miami Police Department who, in the second half, becomes a serial killer. The show has gone on to become one of television’s most acclaimed series, garnering multiple Emmy nominations for Outstanding Television Series Drama and a prestigious Peabody Award in 2008, and has been named to AFI’s Top 10 Television Series twice. All previous seasons of Dexter e Dexter: New Blood are now available to subscribers on Paramount+.