Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Dexter: officially announced the prequel spin-off that will tell the origins of the serial killer

Dexter: annunciato ufficialmente lo spin-off prequel che racconterà le origini del serial killer

Dexterthe Showtime thriller seriesafter going on for eight seasons and after a sequel that ended with an ending that was even worse than 8 years ago, seems to still have something to say. The series stars Dexter Morgan, a man with a double life who works for the Miami scientific police in the morning and kills the killers who have escaped justice by night. This anti-hero, played by Michael C. Hall, he conquered us right away and we even forgave him his skeletons in the closet. We are therefore very happy that we will see him again in a new spin-off that we hope this time can really live up to the original series. After cancelling Dexter: New BloodShowtime which is about to be acquired by Paramount+ has decided to pursue a brand new project.

A few hours ago it was announced that the prequel spin-off of Dexter received the green light from the network.

According to what was announced by TvLinethe new series will be titled Dexter: Origins and will tell the origins of the serial killer. The series will feature a 20-year-old Dexter Morgan and will presumably be set in the 1980s in a Miami where serial killers are becoming a serious problem. We will then be able to see Dexter Morgan”at the beginning of his transformation into the avenging serial killer we’ve known.” We will then find some of the younger versions of the characters from the original series and we will have the opportunity to deepen the relationship of the protagonist with his father Harry which taught him to catalyze his murderous instincts against criminals.

The official synopsis of has been released Dexter: Origins.

The series will start when Dexter will graduate from college to join Miami Metro, where he will meet younger versions of many of the characters we met in the original Dexter. And naturally, the show will also focus on Dexter’s familythen we will see Harry and a formidable teenage Deb.”

Given that the spin-off will be set several years earlier than the original series, it is very unlikely that we will see the return of the actors of the original cast. Almost certainly new actors will be chosen to play Dexter Morgan, his sister Deb and the other protagonists. For the moment we have no news in this regard, but we are sure that we will soon have new details. What is certain is that the writer of the original series, Clyde Phillips, will also work on this new spin-off. In fact, he said a TvLine:

I couldn’t be more excited to explore and expand the Dexter universe. It’s a privilege to go even deeper with these complex characters and iconic and continue to tell the stories, themes and possibilities they inspire“.