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Robin Scherbatsky participates in Sanremo 2023 with “Welcome to the Shopping Center”

Robin Scherbatsky partecipa a Sanremo 2023 con “Benvenuti al Centro Commerciale”

The most awaited week of the year has just begun. Sanremo reaches its seventy-third edition. The Festival is now part of the Italian DNA, just like the controversies that are an integral part of the Sanremo charm every year. There are those who boast of never looking at it, those who expect nothing else, and those who boast of not looking at it but deep down they are waiting for nothing else. Since last year, Fantasanremo has also been involved with the possibility of forming teams complete with captains, at a time of trash. That’s why we thought of ride the wave our way, imagining our favorite Sanremo team, led by one of the biggest stars of serial pop: Robin Scherbatsky directly from How I Met Your Mother.

We all know that Robin came to America with dreams of becoming a famous journalist. Her refined and poised appearance, however, hides an explosive and not at all obvious personality.

During How I Met Your Mother we have the opportunity to discover many unedited sides of Robin Scherbatsky. We know she’s not as staid and polished as she seems, especially if they’re televising a game of ice Hockey, or if there are cigars and rum around.

However, no secret is safe if Barney Stinson is around. By emigrating from Canada to the United States of America, Robin thought she was protecting his big secret: his musical past. In unsuspecting times, in fact, the young Robin Scherbatsky had climbed the Canadian rankings to the sound of pop and Let’s Go to The Mallone of the highest musical moments of How I Met your Mother, playing it only with the iconic Nothin’ Suits Me Like a Suit.

Leaving aside for a moment the fact that Barney Stinson, with his tailored suits, would be an excellent presenter of Sanremo alongside the good Amadeus. From “How I Met Your Mother” to “How I Met Your Vessicchio” is a moment.

How I Met Your Mother (640x360)
How I Met Your Mother (640×360)

We understood that all the crew of How I Met Your Mother it would integrate well into the Sanremo context (with Marshal and Lily playing us enthusiastic average spectators armed with popcorn), but now we explain why Robin Scherbatsky aka Robin Sparkles would be the real star. Obviously by our side there is as always our friend Ironyfaithful companion of a thousand crazy adventures.

If Robin Scherbatsky had moved to Italy she would have immediately fallen in love with the singing event, not so much for her past as a pop star, but because Sanremo is Sanremo and this is enough and goes on. Robin Scherbatsky she is the classic girl who pretends to be interested in the Festival only from a professional point of view: I see her sitting at the usual bar with the usual Aperol Spritz who, speaking of Sanremo, pretends to aspire only to the Ariston press room. A careful eye, however, would quickly notice an abnormal spark in her eyes.

What more attentive eye than Ted Mosby, kid from Northern Rome with a passion for architecture. Once Robin’s pop star past is discovered, contacting Amadeus becomes child’s play for someone who can say I love you on a first date, and steal a blue French horn from a club wall. Needless to say, Ted’s attempt at convincing towards Amadeus culminated in a restraining order and a stalking complaint. Luckily Robin Scherbatsky also has other friends, such as Barney Stinson, who just needed a couple of phone calls and a chat with Giovanna to get Robin Sparkles into the coveted list of Big of Sanremo.

Everything was beautiful, until the news reached the ears of Robin herself, who managed to metabolize the thing after three cans of Tantrum (and How I Met Your Mother taught us the effects of Tantrum).

How I Met Your Mother (640×366)

His secret dream was finally coming true, Welcome to the Mall (Italian version of his Canadian hit) would have taken her to the Ariston stage surrounded by the orchestra (to which he would have provided strictly blue tools).

Her followers on social media increased exponentially, the newspapers called her every hour, this time not to ask her to shoot something like “Manuè, the goat that shocked the web” but to ask her some interview exclusive. After all, the Italian public wasn’t too scandalized by the fact that among the big names there was a name unknown to them, after all, isn’t this something that happens every year?!

Robin was finally living the dream of her life: the famous staircase, the packed theater, journalists, fans, hairdressers, Aunt Mara on Sundays. Everything was beautiful until something interrupted her captivating fairy tale.

She was finally feeling the limelight shining on her, like when she was just a Canadian kid with blonde hair and unreliable costume designers. The one thing she hadn’t come to terms with was the Italian press. For the Italian press, Sanremo means easy clicks, indinniated citizens!!!1!1 and fans of the FantaSanremo. If necessary, the Italian press would even be able to discover the work of Barney Stinson, let alone the past of a Big in Sanremo.

It is now a tradition that every year at least one singer in the competition must risk being disqualified before the start of the review. Very often these are false alarms that boil down to a couple of clickbait articles and then everyone forgets about everything (except Francesca Michielin who still sticks with Fedez). In this case we cannot say the same: a meddlesome journalist soon discovered the Canadian version of Welcome to the Shopping Center, making Amadeus more furious than any episode of The Legacy in which the competitor replies “for me it’s the onion”.

Robin Scherbatsky’s career in San Remo lasted less than Bree Tanner’s second life as a vampire in the saga of Twilight. After all, that Sanremo would be without scandals and plagiarism, and that Robin Scherbatsky would be without a healthy dose of rotten bad luck. Even if, after experiencing the lights of Italian fame, Robin herself understood that, deep down, there’s nothing better than the usual Spritz, at the usual bar, with her usual friends. Among other things, she says that Baby K has already contacted her to write the next summer hit together.