Un Posto al Sole Anticipations: melancholic returns and shadows from the past in the new episodes of the Soap

In the next episodes of the Rai3 Soap Un Posto al Sole, there will be announced and melancholic returns but we will also see shadows from the past arriving, which will risk ruining the lives of some inhabitants of Palazzo Palladini.

The Advances Of A Place in the Sun ci they reveal that in next episodes of the Soap many characters will live gods moments of great tension e emotion. Over episodes coming soon on Rai3, Otello Testa will be back to give her last goodbye to Teresa, Franco will have news from his sister Anna – that might come back – Marina and Roberto will see Lara again while it should do return a character absent from the plots from about twenty years.

Previews Un Posto al Sole: Othello returns to say his last goodbyes to Teresa

We have been waiting a long time for that A Place in the Sun talk about Theresa’s death. After disappearance of his interpreter Carmen Scivittaro, the authors of the Soap have worked to write the plots suitable to give the right greeting to a character so much loved. And finally the time has come to stage thefarewell to Teresa Diacono. Very soon, probably in the Soap episodes that air in February, we’ll see Othello return to Naples. We don’t know if Testa will personally inform Silvia of the bad news or if her return will be preceded by a call but it is certain that her return home will not be happy. Unfortunately we are not even sure that Teresa’s funeral will be staged, as happened with Susanna, or if Palazzo Palladini will simply remember her with flashbacks. However, it will certainly be an episode dedicated entirely to her.

Un Posto al Sole Advances: Will Anna Boschi return to Naples?

In next episodes Of A Place in the Sun, Franco Sara shocked by news coming from afar. Anna, his sister, will get in touch with him and leave him speechless. Boschi will be forced to make a very difficult decision and complex but it is not yet clear what it will be. It is rumored that Anna won’t just inform her brother from New Zealand but it could even reappear in Naples. But for what reason? Will she be in crisis again with her husband or will the mother of the Boschi brothers have something to do with it by chance?

Plots and Previews A Place in the Sun: Lara Martinelli is back

For sure, in the next episodes Of A Place in the Sunfara return Lara. Her return has been announced for some time and since the woman continues to pretend to be pregnant, she certainly could not have missed her feat with her baby following. But what we would not have expected is that he will present himself at the wedding of Marina and Roberto, leaving the two – especially Giordano – speechless and decidedly altered. Will Martinelli decide to ask Ferri to take care of her – fake – son or will her farce be discovered before it’s too late and the situation gets more complicated than expected?

Advances and Plots A Place in the Sun: A character from the past will return to the plots of the Soap

Along with the return of Othello and Lara and possibly Anna, the return of a character from the pastof a distant past. At the moment it is not known for sure who it could be but the name of is circulating on the web Luca De Santis. The doctor, who had married Sonia – Alberto’s ex-partner – and had obtained the custody of Gianluca Palladini, could arrive in Naples at just the right time. The Previews of A Place in the Sun ci they reveal that next week, Ornella will be found a dover make a professional decision rather difficile. We can hypothesize – but we don’t have certain elements to confirm it – that De Santis could decide to replace Bruni in the hospital or take Riccardo’s place, increasingly on a collision course with Rossella and perhaps close to returning to Trento. We eagerly await to know what will happen and who will be this great comeback.

A Place in the Sun it airs every day from Monday to Friday are Rai 3 at 20.50.

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