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Big Brother Vip, Sophie Codegoni and Charlie Gnocchi on Nikita Pelizon’s side: “She was honest, there are videos”

Big Brother Vip, Sophie Codegoni and Charlie Gnocchi on Nikita Pelizon's side: "She was honest, there are videos"

Sophie Codegoni and Charlie Gnocchi comment on the relationship between Nikita Pelizon and Luca Onestini at Gf Vip.

Charlie Gnocchi he returned to talk about his journey in the Casa del Big Brother VIP. Guest of the latest episode of Casa Chi, the web format hosted by Sophie Codegoni, the radio speaker took the opportunity to give his opinion on the competitors of the seventh edition and comment on the discussed relationship between Nikita Pelizon and Luca Onestini.

Nikita Pelizon and Luca Onestini: Charlie Gnocchi speaks

Charlie Gnocchi released a new interview to Casa Chi in which he made a balance sheet of his journey in the House of Big Brother VIP. His experience was so intense that he admitted that he would like to go through the famous red door of Cinecittà again:

The house seen from the outside is sad, it was good in the house, it is ugly outside. When you’re outside you realize that it was good inside, that’s my regret. If they told me to spend another week in the house, I would run away immediately, much better than my house with my children, my wife, the dog and the cat, the house is a privilege (…) The house is made up of people that are there silently and represent order, cleanliness, pleasantness and then there are people who make a beastly mess. Like George, he was silent but he was in fact the House, he was reassuring and then there are cumbersome people, like Antonella, Oriana, Antonino.

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After commenting on the ambiguous behavior assumed by some Vipponi in the Casa del Gf Vip, Gnocchi he wanted to have his say on the relationship between Nikita Pelizon and Luca Onestini:

Nikita is my friend, I have never made her lack my support and I have always assisted her in her hesitations with Onestini. They had a crazy physical relationship, Nikita has a powerful physique, he looks like an eastern javelin thrower, Onestini has a gorilla physique and in all of this they played a lot, I think Onestini thought he had a better chance in this physical game, because Nikita it fell to him like a cooked pear. Nikita was sincere in everything, I think Luca was too, but he had more advantage because she exposed herself more. We all thought she could do it, we were all waiting for her first kiss. Onestini was terrified of having a story, despite the appearance, sympathy, but he was terrified of reliable history, he wanted to know if poor Nikita currently had a story, he knew everything about Nikita, while she knew little about Onestini and was only attracted to him and his way of doing.

A thought also shared by Codegoni. The presenter of Casa Chi has in fact stated that numerous have circulated on social networks video where it would be clearly seen Onestini touches Pelizon in a more than friendly way:

A lot of videos have been released on TikTok where actually all these pats, touches and jokes have been there and seen!

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