Avatar 4 and Avatar 5, as the saga will become after Avatar 3, speaks producer Jon Landau

Jon Landau, historical producer for James Cameron, explained how Avatar 4 and the curtain will be set Avatar 5, suggesting where the grand finale will take place.

While Avatar: The Way of Water continues to cash in worldwide, James Cameron and its producer Jon Landau they know they have carte blanche followed of their saga. In an interview with Empire Magazine, Landau confirmed who he is I’m Chaplin to interpret Varangthe leader of the “Na’vi of fire“, the new population that Jake and his family will meet in Avatar 3. At the same time, he broadly explained what awaits us in Avatar 4 and Avatar 5a rather sharp break. Continue if you don’t fear least spoiler.
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Avatar 4 and Avatar 5, when and where will they set?

While Avatar: The Way of Water now travels on the 2,130,000,000 dollars, the next appointment of the Avatarian fans is for the Natale 2024when it hits the cinema Avatar 3of which James Cameron and the producer Jon Landau are currently curating the (understandably long) digital post-production at Weta. Given the great success of Avatar 2, as we know reservations have been lifted on Avatar 4 e Avatar 5, but what can their authors tell us for now? Landau let something leak….
It should come as no surprise to know that there will be a “time jump” con Avatar 4: Cameron not by chance had already shot some sequences of the fourth chapter while working on the second and third, explaining that he didn’t want to let the kids grow too much. Beyond those sequences, it is therefore understood that from the fourth Avatar onwards we will follow them from adults… maybe they will be the actual ones new protagonists?
A single story will cover the fourth and fifth actswhich will be set in part on the Terraor rather on what is left of the Earth in the history of the saga: “We have to open the eyes of the characters and of Neytiri to what is on the Earth. (…) There is overpopulationthe natural resources are no longer enough and life got harder. (…) But we don’t want to paint a gloomy picture of our future. In the movies we understand that we can also change course.”

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