Who is Sofia in Mare Out 3? Lucrezia Guidone

Who is Sofia at Sea Out?

Who is Sofia in Sea Out? The television series set in an imaginary juvenile prison in Naples returns with a third season in prime time and first TV on Rai 2 and in advance on RaiPlay in streaming as an exclusive preview for users of the platform. The new season also brings new characters into the storyline, including Sofia played by Lucrezia Guidone. But who is the actress and where have we already seen her?

Lucrezia Guidone plays Margherita In
Lucrezia Guidone Plays Margherita In “Fidelity”. Credits: Netflix

Sea educator outside 3

First of all, let’s clarify his character. Sofia During she is an educator and arrives at Ipm demonstrating a tough attitude right from the start. No one manages to establish a good relationship with her, neither the prisoners nor the adults. Paola and Massimo also have a thorny relationship with Sofia, who seems to keep an eye on them. In fact, the two fear her judgment and it seems that the woman is waiting for nothing but a misstep on their part. Even Beppe wouldn’t have scratched her rigid armor until something changes.

Lucrezia Guidone age

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Lucrezia Guidone is an Italian actress well known to the small screen audience, especially after the parenthesis on Netflix. But what do we know about his private life? For example, how old is she? The age of the actress is not a mystery. She was born on June 3, 1986, she should be doing this year 37 years old.

Lucrezia Guidone movies and TV series

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Where we have already seen the interpreter of Sofia in Sea Out? The actress made her film debut starring in The big dream in 2009, after which she appeared in the cast of The 4 of us, Without distance, Where the shadows fall, The girl in the fog and the most recent Here I laugh.

Television side, however, starred in Where’s Mario?, Don’t kill, Luna Nera, Summertime of Netflix and the most recent Fidelity of which he stars alongside Michele Riondino. In 2023, however, she joined the cast of Sea Out with Sofia.

Lucrezia Guidone Summertime

Who plays Lucrezia Guidone in Summertime 3 season? We recall that in her Netflix series her character is that of Rita, love interest of Dario (Andrea Lattanzi).

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