Mare Fuori, when the other episodes of the third season of the TV series will be released on RaiPlay

When will the other episodes of Mare Fuori 3 be released

When will the other episodes of Sea Out 3: the very affectionate audience of the Rai and Picomedia TV series set in the Juvenile Penalty Institute of Naples was finally able to enjoy the third season, which arrived in streaming starting from Wednesday 1 February on RaiPlay exclusively (to see it on Netflix Italy you need wait a few more months).

The TV series born from an idea by Cristiana Farina, which has undoubtedly become the most relevant Italian television phenomenon of recent years, has twelve episodes for its third season – the same number of episodes foreseen for both the first and second cycle -, however those landed in streaming on RaiPlay from 1 February are only six. What will happen to the remaining episodes? was able to check with RaiPlay.

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The press office of the Rai streaming platform is that episodes from 7 to 12 of the third season of Sea Out will arrive on RaiPlay before they are broadcast, starting from Wednesday 15 February for six weeks in prime time on Rai 2. Going by deduction, the programming of the fourth evening (episodes 7-8), of the fifth evening (episodes 9-10 ) and the sixth evening (episodes 11-12) are scheduled – respectively – for Wednesday 8 March, Wednesday 15 March and Wednesday 22 March. Therefore, the episodes of the second half of Sea Out 3 should land on RaiPlay before March 8, according to our hypothesis.

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To find out for sure, we will have to wait for an official announcement from Rai, which we at will not fail to report as soon as we receive it. In the meantime we can rest assured that entire third season of Sea Out will be broadcast by Rai 2 from 15 February to 22 March. So we will certainly be able to see the episodes in prime time on the second public service network over a period of six weeks. Streaming the complete third season will arrive, we imagine, over the next few weeks. A little more patience!

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