Mare Fuori, when the other episodes of the third season of the TV series will be released on RaiPlay

What happened to Sasa in Mare Fuori

What happened to Sasa in Sea Out? Starting from Wednesday 1 February, the third season of the prison drama branded Rai Fiction and Picomedia set in the Juvenile Penalty Institute of Naples. The TV series – from an idea by Cristiana Farina – is back with the first six episodes of season 3, with as many arriving, again on RaiPlay, in the coming weeks. For those who prefer to wait for the broadcast on Rai 2, the third season will be broadcast from Wednesday 15 February. On Netflix, however, the new episodes of season 3 will arrive soon.

Let’s go back to Sasà, the character played by Filippo Soave. Sasà – whose real name is Salvatore Baldi – is one of new entry of the second season, broadcast by Rai 2 from November 17 to December 21, 2021. Salvatore is of wealthy origins and comes from Posillipo. Unlike many IPM inmates – who have been in contact with crime since they were young due to their parents’ affiliation to the underworld – Sasà finds himself behind bars on charges of sexual assault against Erika a schoolmate.

Although initially he refuses to admit his guilt and does not stop declaring himself innocent and extraneous to the facts, Sasà finally manages to admit his responsibilities in the courtroom. Sasà arrives at the confession thanks to the intercession of Lino (played by Antonio De Matteo), the prison guard in force at the IPM. Edoardo and his cronies immediately target Sasà as they consider him a vulnerable boy and too sensitive to survive life behind bars. Despite their harassment, Sasà finds some harmony with other inmates such as Carmine and Filippo.

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In the first six episodes of the third season of Sasà there is no trace. For what reason? We don’t know exactly. This is because the story of season 3 does not include – in its plots – the character, nor are reasons presented for his absence. Mare Fuori is a series set in a juvenile prison; this means that many characters come and go. Some leave the scene because, having served their sentence, they are released. Other characters, on the other hand, have to leave the IPM as they come of age.

It is possible that Sasà’s disappearance can be traced back to one of two cases: either he was released, or he has come of age and is in an institution other than the IPM. There is also the possibility that Sasa may have been transferred to another juvenile detention facility. The fact is that, as regards the first half of season 3 of sea ​​out, Sasa is not part of the story. She could peep later, or the writers of the series could have considered her story concluded. If the series – in the remaining episodes of the third season – made reference to the character, we of we will keep you updated on this.

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