Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Sarah Michelle Gellar against Marvel fans: «They tear apart films with female cast»

Buffy - According to Seth Green, Sarah Michelle Gellar defended the cast and crew on the set of the series

Sarah Michelle Gellarafter a long break from the scenes, she returned to acting in a new series, Wolf Packborn from the same mind that created it Teen Wolf. For boy sarà forever but Buffy Summers, the courageous vampire slayer who has given us several quotes that have become iconic over the seasons. Now that she is back in the limelight she has had the opportunity to remove several pebbles from her shoe. For example, despite being very close to the years spent on the set of the Buffy series, she admitted that extremely toxic dynamics had arisen.

Sarah Michelle Gellar in an interview for The Guardian he also took the opportunity to attack the misogyny of fans of the superhero genre.

The actress in the long chat she had with the journalists of The Guardian has had the opportunity to retrace her career and remember the reasons that led her to withdraw from the scene for several years. Sarah Michelle Gellar, who with the role of Buffy Summer paved the way for many heroines of the small and big screen, reflected on how much misogyny still spreads in the world of cinema and TV. In this regard, he cited the example of Marvel fans who often “tore apart” the heroines of the franchise. Second Sarah Michelle Gellar, the bitterness that fans turn to these heroines it is due to the backward mentality aimed at celebrating the male superhero. Here’s what he said in the interview:

“The action genre is where women could really succeed and keep an audience. Nevertheless every time a Marvel movie tries to make a film with a female cast, it just gets torn apart. Unfortunately, audiences aren’t so willing to accept a female heroine. There is still this ‘male superhero’ mentality, this very backward thinking”.

Women in the entertainment industry have a fight not only against the misogyny of the spectators but even against the inappropriate behavior of their superiors. And Sarah Michelle Gellar knows a thing or two about it, since, according to reports, the set of Buffy it was extremely toxic. The actress said that from this point of view, things are changing:

“Not a day goes by that I don’t pick up a trade magazine and hear about a showrunner who was ousted for simply inappropriate behavior. When I grew up, people were screaming on sets: actors, directors, everyone. It doesn’t happen anymore. If someone comes out on set yelling, they’re like, ‘Peace, get out!’ No one needs to be treated like this, we’ve established that.”

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