There’s a knock on the door, Dave Bautista and his fan letter to M. Night Shyamalan

It was Dave Bautista who wanted to enter the visionary world of M. Night Shyamalan, writing him a sincere letter as a true fan. How can anyone resist Dave? And now he is knocking on the door.

It’s not the first time we’ve talked about the desire he has dave bautista not to let himself be caged in the role of ex-wrestler action hero that he is: soon, from February 2, he is a character as calm as he is disturbing in Knocking at the door Of M. Night¬†Shyamalan, and the director himself told Geek Tyrant that the actor wrote him a letter to propose himself in one of his films. A fan letterso, simply.
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Dave Bautista from Shyamalan fan to herald of the Apocalypse in Knock on the Door

In Knocking at the doornew effort of M. Night Shyamalanthe massif dave bautista plays Leonard, a man announcing theApocalypse to an unsuspecting family. Not exactly the first role you’d associate Dave with back from Glass Onionbut is there now a role to be associated with this ex-wrestler who loves to challenge himself? Ben Neverwho plays one of the distraught family members in the film, says he was in awe of her presence: “Suddenly you have this mega ation star di Hollywoodcomes in this domestic context and plays this character a lot complex, tortured e gentile.” The real surprise, however, was that of Shyamalan himself, who found himself the recipient of the letter from a fan… Dave Bautista himself, who declared himself ready to work with him.

I answered him: you know what, let’s meet up! Let’s talk. And at that point, my God, I realized that he was exactly the protagonist. It’s really Leonard. He is amazing. And it is Dave’s way of being, at this moment in his life, in his fifties, that makes him perfect for this job. If you add Rupert (Grint), Nikki (Amuka-Bird) and Abby (Quinn) to Dave…. this cast is the every director’s dreamhave talents with the right mindset and ready to make themselves vulnerable.

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