The Plane: the pirate menace in an exclusive preview clip of the action with Gerard Butler

Directed by the French Jean-François Richet, The Plane, the film in which Gerard Butler, an airplane pilot, has to contend with pirates on an island in the Philippines, arrives at the cinema on January 25th. Here’s an exclusive preview clip of the action.

Days ago Gerard Butler revealed that Robert Downey Jr. wrote him an email after seeing Power attack, saying there was more need for such films. And who are we to contradict Iron-Man? In fact, the Scottish actor, who established himself on the international scene with 300 by Zack Snyder, has long embodied the best action hero that viewers of a certain cinema appreciate. Now Butler is coming back at the cinema, January 25thwith a different action, The Planein which he plays a pilot forced to make an emergency landing, who with the help of an unlikely ally (played by Mike Colter) has to save its passengers from the menace of a group of rebels/pirates. To direct is the French “export” Jean-Francois Richetin his third American film and we see an exclusive preview clip of one of the film’s highlights.

The Plane: the rules of the action and the plot and the Italian trailer of the film

If there is a genre that has not been affected by the so-called “cancel culture” and the “politically correct”, this is definitely the action. Bad guys are everywhere and belong to any ethnicity, but it’s pretty much a given that if you’re forced to land on an Asian island, you’ll run into a group of rebels or pirates, willing to do anything to profit from the situation. No one is scandalized or indignant because it is precisely such a topos, as is the alliance between a “good guy” (in this case Gerard Butler) and a “bad guy” (Mike Colter’s character), from light detective stories how 48 ore to westerns (it is no coincidence that Richet has redone District 13 the brigades of deathin turn a Carpenterian and urban remake of An honor dollar). The director’s skill lies in knowing how to juggle these already familiar themes. This thereto The Plane storyline:

“Brodie Torrance is the pilot and commander of an airplane, who, during a violent storm that damages it, the man manages to save the passengers with an emergency landing. The aircraft, however, lands on the island of Jolo, in the Philippines, a land devastated by war. The group of passengers are soon taken hostage by dangerous local rebels and it is the beginning of a real nightmare. The only person Torrance will be able to count on is Louis Gaspare (Mike Colter), one of the passengers , extradited on charges of murder, which the FBI was carrying on his flight. The two will join forces in an attempt to rescue as many hostages as possible. Will the captain be able to rescue his passengers and escape the island?” .

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