Boomerissima tonight on Rai 2: guests and previews of the third episode of Alessia Marcuzzi’s program

Tonight on Rai2 Alessia Marcuzzi returns with the third episode of Boomerissima, the program compares two generations: boomers and millennials.

Boomerissima tonight on Rai 2: guests and previews of the third episode of Alessia Marcuzzi's program

This evening in the early evening su Rai2 the third episode of Boomerissima. The program hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi compares for the first time two generations: that of boomersor the VIPs who, like the presenter, loved the 80s and 90s a lot, and that of the millennialsthe celebrities who have instead lived mainly in the era of the new millennium.
The program, thanks to the good ratings of the previous appointments, has been lengthened, according to what is reported by TV Blog, Rai has rewarded Marcuzzi with an extra evening, broadcast in the following week in Sanremo.

Focus of the episode, as always, the generational confrontation between boomers and millennials who, in a light atmosphere that combines variety with game-show, will compete with the aim of convincing the audience in the studio that their years are the best ever .

The two teams of the program, produced by the Prime Time Entertainment Department in collaboration with Banijay Italia, are made up of the celebrities who lived through the 80s, 90s and 2000s. Leading them, Alessia Marcuzzi herself who, for the occasion, takes as always he takes part personally in the different moments of animation.

The teams who will compete in this episode will be composed of: Lodovica Comello, Geppi Cucciari, Francesca Manzini, Giorgio Mastrota, Mietta, Francesco Paolantoni, Riki and Pierpaolo Spollon. Among the guests: Drusilla Foer, Nek, Corona and Rocco Hunt.

But that’s not all: as always, in fact, there will be never-before-seen moments of variety, enriched also by the great stage effects from the wardrobe with magical powers and the back-in-time living room, which will bring back to life in an atmosphere of joy, some of the characters, of music, TV programs, fashions and in general of the costume of the past.

Who will win the final challenge of this third episode? To find out, the appointment is for tonight, Tuesday 24 January, with Boomerissima, the program hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi in prime time on Rai 2.

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