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Claudia Cardinale the Indomitable: a book and an exhibition dedicated to the diva at the MoMA in New York

Claudia Cardinale the Indomitable: a book and an exhibition dedicated to the diva at the MoMA in New York

Presented in Rome Claudia Cardinale the Indomitable, a tribute dedicated to the great actress, curated by Cinecittà with the MoMa, which will bring a retrospective to New York with three restored films and a large book edited by her daughter Claudia Squitieri from 3 to 21 February.

Among the famous Italian divas in the world, Claudia Cardinale it is one of the most fascinating and loved. How Sophia Loren e Gina Lollobrigida, has interpreted masterpieces of our cinema but has also worked extensively abroad, alongside famous directors and actors. Today the 84-year-old actress is one of the few to receive the MoMa’s homage while alive. The Museum of Modern Art in New York, in collaboration with Cinecittà which oversaw the restoration of three of the films she starred in, with a retrospective and a splendid book/catalogue published by Cinecittà/Electa which tells it, Claudia Cardinale the indomitablecared for by his daughter Claudia Squitieri. And it was the latter who presented the initiative in Rome in the renovated and splendid Barberini cinema, together with the president of Cinecittà Chiara Sbarigia and Laura Delli Colli, before the preview of the restored version of Bube’s girlfriend by Luigi Comencini.

Claudia Cardinale: the indomitable charm of a unique woman

During the meeting, many topics of those who make of were touched upon Claudia Cardinale an actress and a truly unique woman. Arrived in Italy as a young girl with her family, but born and raised in Tunisia, at the time thanks to Bourghiba land of freedom and emancipation, the young interpreter appears to be ready to fill the roles that are required of her, always smiling and condescending, but in the end he always chooses on his own and manages to impose his will, as he said Catherine D’Amico. Herein lies the secret and the charm of her indomitability, of a person who has faced pain and trauma in life (mother at only 16 following violence) and has known great loves, from the powerful producer Franco Cristaldi who launched her and was close to her for years but took revenge for her abandonment by professionally damaging her and her new partner, the bond with the director Pasquale SquitieriSouthern and passionate like her, on which the press went wild at the time. Claudia Cardinale with her dark beauty, hoarse voice, acting talent and the personality of a woman who does not let herself be bent, she has gone through sixty years of Italian history and today she is back on the set for a short film, A female CardinalOf Manuel Maria Perronemade in the Parisian home of the actress, a very suggestive portrait that will also be presented at the MoMA.

Thanks to the collaboration with her children Claudia and Patrick, Claudia Cardinale continues to be active in the civil and social field in favor of women’s rights and beyond, with the Foundation to which she gives her name and, contrary to rumors circulated by some newspapers, l last year, the actress still lives in her Paris home with her family and is very present to herself, so much so that she has given interviews and attended the screening of Bube’s girlfriendthrilling those present. Happy and honored by this homage, she said in a video greeting, and it couldn’t be otherwise because each of us cinephiles is linked to the image of this beautiful brunette woman, both sunny and shadowy, of a modern, almost unaware beauty, valued by the major world directors. If for many she is Angelica del Ocelotothers will have loved her as Claudia’s vision of purity 8 e ½or eat the holster of The professionals Of Richard Brooksthe Carmelina watched over by Ferribotte ne The usual unknownthe girl with the suitcase and the Jill of Once Upon a Time in the West of Leone or the Molly of fitzcarraldo by Werner Herzog. There are so many, well over a hundred, and too many to mention them all, the roles that this actress of great charm and power, loved by French and American cinema, as well as by the Italian one, has covered in her career, which today pay homage to her with this beautiful initiative.

Claudia Cardinale the Indomitable: the restored films chosen for the retrospective at the MoMa

Among the 20 titles of the retrospective that the MoMa dedicates to Claudia Cardinale, three have been specially restored in 4K by the Cinecittà laboratories. It’s about Bube’s girlfriendthe 1963 film by Luigi Comencini, following successful titles in which the young actress appeared as The handsome Antonio, Rocco and his brothers e The street, and which we discuss more fully below. The second restoration has riguardo The hearing (1972), a beautiful and today little known film by Marco Ferreria Kafkaesque story in inspiration in which Cardinale finds himself sharing the scene with Hugh Tognazzi ed Enzo Jannacci in one of his best acting performances. Of the long artistic and private association with Pasquale SquitieriFinally, the choice fell on the dramatic Act of painfrom 1990, in which she is a mother dealing with a drug addicted son and obtained for the role the Golden Globe and a nomination – the fourth, after three wins – for the Silver Ribbon.

Bube’s girlfriend, the consecration

1963 is a year of great prominence for Claudia Cardinale, protagonist of Italian cinema 8 e ½ by Federico Fellini, The Leopard by Luchino Visconti e The Pink Panther by Blake Edwards. But it’s in Bube’s girlfriend that the actress becomes in all respects the protagonist, alongside George Chakiris (the original Bernard of West Side Story) in the film based on the 1960 novel by Charles Cassola. In the role of Arnaldo is the future playwright Hugh Chiti, but the other actors are unknown today. Claudia Cardinale shines in the part of Mara, who falls in love with the shady partisan Bube, forced into hiding, immediately after the war, for having killed the son of a carabiniere. Torn between absolute fidelity to her first love and the desire for a happy life, Mara finds consolation during her boyfriend’s long absence in the more mature and intellectual Stefano, but will choose to remain faithful to Bube when he is arrested and sentenced to 14 years in prison. . Older than the protagonists of the novel, who are two kids, Mara and Bube against the background of the great changes in Italy represent the youth grappling with the choices and the consequences of their actions, in a film that also has a cinephile soul (the Mara’s first date with Stefano is at the cinema, where they see The Waterloo Bridge). Bube’s girlfriend takes advantage of the splendid photography of Gianni Di Venanzowhich the restoration has sharpened, bringing it back to its original beauty, as you can see from the before and after clips below, and music by Carlo Rustichelli. Claudia Cardinale shines, barefoot, on high heels, pouting and furious, passionate and serious and with her true voice, deep gaze, silences and sudden outbursts of anger, embodies a modern girl but still tied to traditional values, who he cannot fail to keep his promises. A true movie star experience that earned her the first and well-deserved Silver Ribbon in the David di Donatello-winning film 1964.