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The Last of Us: Nico Parker (Sarah) is the daughter of a famous actress

The Last of Us: Nico Parker (Sarah) is the daughter of a famous actress

The Last of Us, the series created by Neil Druckman e Craig Mazin for HBO, it’s the serial that everyone is talking about these days. After the premiere of Naughty Dog’s hit video game adaptation aired on Monday, on social media there was talk of nothing but the performance that Pedro Pascal gave us as Joel. HBO managed to win another bet and break the curse that hit video game adaptations that always ended up disappointing expectations. How did she manage this titanic undertaking? First of all by entrusting the project to Neil Druckmannwho had already collaborated in the creation of the original video game and then allocating a very high budget to the show (which even exceeded the costs of Game of Thrones). Moreover the lead roles were given to two actors who had proven themselves very good by acting in Game of Thrones, one of the best fantasy series ever. To tell the truth, we were also moved by the interpretation of Nico Parker who played Joel’s daughter Sarah. In his frightened eyes we read the unpredictability of an ordinary world that can turn into a nightmare in a second.

Few know that the talented actress of The Last of Us she is a daughter of art.

If while watching the first episode of The Last of Usyou had the impression that you have already seen Sarah’s interpreter, it is probably because she reminded you of her mother. Nico Parker’s father is Ol Parker, famous director and screenwriteramong whose works we include Mamma Mia! Here we go again and the recent Ticket to Paradise. But she to be very famous is the mother of the young Nico, Dear Newton, who has worked for both cinema and TV. In fact, she has acted in important films such as The pursuit of happiness, Mission: Impossible II e Crash – Physical contact. However, she is best known for playing Maeve Millay in Westworlda role that earned her an Emmy Award and a Critics Choice Television Award.

For Nico Parker however that in The Last of Us it was one of the first work experiences, after debuting in Dumbo Of Tim Burton. Exactly for this reason Peter Pascal he tried to help her and gave her some golden advice before starting to shoot the most dramatic scene related to her character’s story. Nico Parker he told TVLine:

I was incredibly stressed. It’s an iconic moment. I cried at that moment, myself, before I was even involved in the show in any way. So I think I was very aware of how important it was to do it properly. Pedro Pascal told me not to watch the video game version. He warned me, ‘It’s going to drive you crazy.’ I take his word as gospel, so I was like, ‘OK! I won’t watch it!’”

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