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Men and Women, Ida Platano vents on social media: “Do not judge”

Men and Women, Ida Platano vents on social media: "Do not judge"

The former face of Men and Women, in the aftermath of the trip to Miami with his partner Alessandro Vicinanza, decided to confide his personal and intimate thoughts on social networks. Here’s what he said.

After Men and women, Ida Platano has found serenity and love with Alexander Proximity. The couple allowed themselves a love elopement in Miami for a few weeks and have recently returned to Italy. Although she is very happy, the lady also wanted to reveal her personal thoughts on social media against some of the comments she has received.

Men and women, Ida Platano confesses on social media

From her Instagram account, through some stories, the Brescian lady posted a particular moment of her private life, with an important message. In fact, she posted a video of her son walking on the beach and accompanying this video she wrote:

“Every mom has her story. She has walked a difficult path. You don’t know her struggles, her strengths, her weaknesses. She judges herself every day, strives for the best every day, so , don’t judge, but smile. Reassure them in their struggles and praise them for their victories. Before criticising, accusing or walking, you must walk a mile in her shoes.”

Her outburst is most likely aimed at the various haters who constantly criticize her on social media for her being a single mother, but as often happens, they are people who judge without really knowing what others experience firsthand. Ida Platano in this period is very serene, love with Alexander Proximity is stronger than ever and, in fact, in the stories preceding the outburst, the lady of Men and women he posted a beautiful message with a gift from his partner.

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