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Margot Robbie: “The best cocaine scene in cinema is the one with De Niro in Bertolucci’s Novecento”

Margot Robbie: "The best cocaine scene in cinema is the one with De Niro in Bertolucci's Novecento"

Currently in theaters with Babylon, Margot Robbie said in an interview that Robert De Niro’s reaction, when his character in Novecento snorts cocaine for the first time, is irresistible.

It is in the Los Angeles of the 20s that the film Babyloncurrently in Italian cinemas, brings its viewers.
That was the era of the so-called Roaring Twenties, a decade of important economic, social and political changes in America, in which even the Hollywood film industry experienced a strong rise. It was a period of great exuberance, of madness, of scandals.

The story of the film, directed by Damien Chazelletells revolves around a series of characters: Manny Torres (diego bald), an aspiring Spanish-American actor, Jack Conrad (Brad Pitt), a famous and wealthy silent film actor known for his wild life, Sidney Palmer (Jovan Adepo) a young jazz trumpeter who has the opportunity to start a career in film and the disturbing but insecure Nellie LaRoy, destined to become a star overnight. The latter, for whom life should be an endless party, is interpreted by Margot Robbie.

Margot Robbie and the scenes in which cocaine is snorted in the cinema

A lot of drugs of various kinds were circulating at the time, as it shows Babylon. In a recent interview for the BBC, talking about cocaine, Margot Robbie told what his favorite movie scene contemplating the white powder.

“There is a movie of bernardo bertolucci that is called twentieth century in which the character of Robert De Niro takes coke for the first time. It’s one of my all-time favorite scenes in cinematic history. He says “But I don’t feel anything” and it’s very funny! He keeps repeating “I don’t feel anything, I’m fine”, it’s such a beautiful scene.
(In the film, while saying these things, De Niro begins to act very funny, ed)
Of course there are a number of memorable movie scenes where people snort cocaine, like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. Or in Scarface…the list goes on.”

below Babylon Trailer and further down the interview with Margot Robbie e diego bald with the scene in question of twentieth century.