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Friends 22, Jore’s painful past: “Three years ago I got angry, I’ve changed a lot”

Friends 22, Jore's painful past: "Three years ago I got angry, I've changed a lot"

New pupil Jore confides in Aaron to Amici.

Important confessions for Jore in the Amici 22 school. Talking with Aaronil new student of Maria De Filippi’s talent show he decided to open up and tell his fellow adventurer a very delicate and sad moment in his life.

Jore’s confession to Amici

In yesterday’s daytime of Amici 22 aired a exciting confrontation between Jore and Aaron. The new student of Rudy Zerbi he let himself go to some unpublished confessions about his past which have particularly marked and changed it. The singer revealed to him that he has a lot anger which, however, he always tries to keep under control:

I would like to vent… It hurts to control yourself too much. Three years ago I got rabies. Basically I was sensitive, sunny, very attached to my grandparents. My grandfather is missing and a short time later one of my dearest friends is also missing at sixteen (…) I have changed a lot. I have some unfinished business that I haven’t digested yet. I don’t even know what the first step is. What should I do? Do I have to pretend it’s okay and live?

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After listening to it Jore’s outburst, Aaron tried to give him gods valuable advice:

Anger is a bad dog huh… but you haven’t changed. It’s always you, indeed this is the period that is trying to find that Jore in a more adult version… If you always see these things pending, you will never digest them. You don’t have to pretend that everything is fine, you have to accept that it is, you don’t have to pretend. Being aware is an important step.

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