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Brendan Fraser recalls his first meeting with Leonardo DiCaprio: ‘I was the first to treat him as an adult’

Brendan Fraser recalls his first meeting with Leonardo DiCaprio: 'I was the first to treat him as an adult'

Brendan Fraser and Leonardo DiCaprio are expected in Martin Scorsese’s latest effort, Killers of the Flower Moon, which is expected to debut in 2023.

Brendan Fraser – icon of 90s and early 2000s cinema – recently made a comeback for his extraordinary performance in The Whale by Darren Aronofsky, for which he won the Critics’ Choice Award and which will likely lead to his first Academy Award nomination. However, the actor is also expected in another extraordinary project, Killers of the Flower MoonMartin Scorsese’s latest effort, in which plays alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

Brendan Fraser and the memory of the first meeting with Leonardo DiCaprio

In a recent interview published by Sirius XMBrendar Fraser then returned to talk about his next project – Killers of the Flower Moon -, then bringing to mind the first meeting with Leonardo DiCaprio. According to the actor’s words, the colleague was particularly impressed by the way Fraser decided to treat him, that is, as an actor on the rise and not simply as “a kid”:

Oh my god. When I first came to town, I saw him playing the part of Arnie Grape (in Happy Birthday Mr. Grape). He must have been 16, I was 20, and he was so handsome. We met years later and he told me that I had been the first person not to treat him like a little boy. In fact, when I met him, he didn’t seem like a little boy at all. I saw a truly formidable actor, obviously young, but already with a force to be reckoned with.

Brendan Fraser, therefore, is experiencing an authentic renaissance in Hollywood and is ready to take the stage, collaborating with actors he has always admired, including Leonardo DiCaprio. In fact, after the exploits of the 90s, the actor continued to take part in numerous projects, however waiting for his big break, which finally arrived in 2021, when Darren Aronofsky chose him as the protagonist for The Whale. In 2022 he then also took part in the cinecomic Batgirl – he played the villain Firefly -, a film canceled by Warner Bros. plans, which decided not to distribute it following the internal upheavals following the merger with Discovery. Leonardo DiCaprio instead he has been away from the scene since 2021 – his last appearance dates back to the “apocalyptic” comedy Don’t Look Up by Adam McKay. Waiting to see Brendan Fraser and Leonardo DiCaprio play side by side in Scorsese’s film, we can admire them both at the cinema: The Whale in fact, it will be distributed in Italian theaters starting from February 23rdwhile Titanic – blockbuster that sanctioned the rise of DiCaprio – will be again in theaters from 9 Februaryon the occasion of “its” 25th anniversary.