Amici 22, Aaron against Wax: “I don’t pity you, you don’t need to play games but you do them”

Aaron confronts Wax after Amici’s disciplinary action and criticizes him harshly.

Stand comparison in the school of Amici 22 between Something Aaron. Immediately after the return of CriccaRudy Zerbi’s pupil has decided to face the controversial singer and harshly criticize him for his behavior in Maria De Filippi’s talent show.

Aaron confronts Wax at Friends 22

Il New Year’s Gate continues to be at the center of controversy both inside and outside the school Amici 22. Disappointed and angry about what happened and about the measures taken by the production and the teachers, Aaron decided to face Wax and reveal to him your thoughts on his disrespectful behavior:

You’re on my f**k when you talk shit. Can I tell you the truth? Either you succeed or you are stupid. You are a fox, beyond the stupid, I recognize certain attitudes, sometimes they are great bullshit. Other people don’t recognize them. And you don’t need to play games, but you do. And it is understood. Do you know when you understand then? When you’re cornered, why do you come across as a victim. And that’s bullshit Wax, ’cause you ain’t shit. In fact, it’s not worth it, fuck up, I’m on my f**k when you act like that.

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Referring to the events that took place there new year’s night, Aaron he later admitted:

I swear I was pissed at you that week, but really. And I said “but why am I pissed that I didn’t do anything? I have to stay here and pissed at him who is the co***one who did the stuff?”.

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