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Men and Women, Vittoria Deganello, dig against Nicole Murgia: “They silenced me because it was connected to third parties”

Men and Women, Vittoria Deganello, dig against Nicole Murgia: "They silenced me because it was connected to third parties"

Vittoria Deganello is pregnant and it is no longer a mystery who is the father of the daughter of the former face of Men and Women. In a recent online rant, Deganello revealed that she is being barred from telling about her pregnancy due to her connection to Nicole Murgia. Here’s what she said.

In sweet expectation of a daughter from the footballer Alexander Murgiathe former face of Men and womenthe tronista Nicole Murgia revealed that she was obligated not to tell too much about her pregnancy, given the connection with Nicole Murgiasister of the footballer and current competitor of GFVip.

Men and women, Vittoria Deganello vents on social networks about the isolation she is forced into

Shortly after the summer, the flirt between Stay calm e Murgia it was finished, perhaps precisely because of the unexpected pregnancy. While, however, the former tronista had decided to continue the pregnancy, even alone, Murgia hadn’t come forward to recognize the little girl and, even now, refuses to comment. Between Nicole Murgia e Stay calmformer friends, a fight had then begun on social networks with shots and accusations, but after entering the GFVip of the soccer player’s sister, silence fell.

He really thought about breaking it Victoria Deganellowith a confession on social media, in which she says she was forced not to talk about her pregnancy:

“I laugh because nothing surprises me anymore. I am experiencing this pregnancy alone, I am doing everything by myself, not asking anyone for anything and despite this I am always asked because what interests me is the image. I cannot tell about me, of my situation, because unfortunately it is connected to third parties and negative comments and judgments are triggered”

Very heavy accusations, above all, because apparently, this “block” has also extended to the working aspectprejudiced by her decision to be a single mother:

“I’m no longer free to tell whoever I want about my life, I’m learning to let things like that slip on me, comments under the photos, but this… seems too much to me.”

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