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Our General: all the Advances on the Last Episode of Rai 1 Fiction

Our General: all the Advances on the Last Episode of Rai 1 Fiction

Last appointment with the ten years of fight against the mafia and the Red Brigades of Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa told by Our general by Lucio Pellegrini a prime time fiction on Rai 1 with Sergio Castellitto. Here’s what to expect.

We come to the early 80s, to that cursed September 3, 1982 on the streets of Palermo. Last appointment tonight Tuesday January 17 with Our generalfiction di prime time on Rai 1 which nailed millions of viewers to their seats and which finally does justice to Carlo Alberto from the Church, with a complete account of his last ten years of life. The fight against the mafia and the Red Brigades, from Turin to Sicily, with “his boys” of anti-terrorism team created by him precisely to coordinate investigations at a national level, without regional barriers. So this series ends just tonight, a few hours away from a victory in the fight against the mafia, albeit above all symbolic, such as the arrest of the boss Matteo Messina Denarofugitive for thirty years.

Our general is directed by Lucio Pellegrini con Andrea Jublinproduced by Simona Ercolani and written by Monica Zappelli e Pepe Fiore. Tonight fourth and last episode together with the protagonist Sergio Castellittoin the role of Dalla Chiesa, as well as Teresa Saponangelo, Antonio Folletto, Flavio Furno, Andrea Di Maria, Viola Sartoretto, Roberto De Francesco, Ninni Bruschetta e Enrico Lo Verso. The events of our country are intertwined with the personal ones of the protagonists. The series makes use of the journalist’s historical advice John Bianconi and the involvement, in the production phase, of the family members of the General from the Church, of some of the real ones members of the special anti-terrorism unitof some gods magistrates who participated in the investigations and then set up the processes.

All about Tonight’s Last Episode of Our General

Episode 7 The Return

Dalla Chiesa introduces Emanuela to his children, but his moment of serenity does not last long. The terrorists kill General Enrico Riziero Galvaligi, his friend and collaborator. The P2 scandal breaks out. It emerges that, in a moment of weakness, he had applied for membership from the Church. Patrizio Peci’s brother is kidnapped for revenge. From the Church, under the pretext of a promotion, he is removed from operational positions.

Episode 8 Sagunto

Under the leadership of the new boss, Giovanni Senzani, the terrorists try and kill the brother of Patrizio Peci. But they are the last backlash of an organization affected by the declarations of the repentant and now doomed to defeat. We are in 1982 and from the Church he agrees to return to Palermo as prefect to resume the fight against the mafia. He is promised special powers, but they will never become effective. In Palermo the General is alone. On 3 September 1982 he was assassinated by the mafia together with Emanuela in via Carini.