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La Reina del Sur 4: release, plot and cast

La Reina del Sur 4: release, plot and cast

Will La Reina del Sur 4 be there?

Yes it will The Queen of the South 4? The long-awaited third season of the International Emmy-winning telenovela finally premiered on Friday, December 30 – the final episodes uploaded on January 17. Those who have already devoured the episodes currently streaming may be wondering what the future of the series is. To date

During a press conference – as reported by redgoal – the lead actress Kate Del Castillo spoke about the possibility that the series could continue with a fourth chapter: “(Following) the rule of three, I believe that a third season is perfect to conclude the saga of Teresa Mendoza, it is right and necessary to conclude this story when we are still at the top as it should be, with a (third season of) The Queen of the South well written, well done, well acted” said the actress.

Judging by the words of Kate Del Castillo, it would seem that a fourth season is not in the plans of the creators of the show and Telemundo. It is true that as long as the public continues to watch it and ask loudly for new episodes, it can never really be ruled out that the series may return. For this reason, we are not entirely convinced that this soap opera can really be said to be over. Maybe another Emmy could persuade the producers to shoot more episodes? We’ll see.

When does La Reina del Sur 4 come out

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If it were to become a reality, the fourth season would not premiere before autumn 2024 at the earliest, but the wait could last until 2025. Since this is a series that requires many scenes shot on location and with a production that spans several different countries, between the innumerable commitments of the cast of the series and a logistics that is not easy to prepare, the new episodes will make the very affectionate public of the telenovela wait for a long time – as long as they are realized…

Plot of The Queen of the South 4

The third season of the record-breaking soap opera streaming on Netflix picks up the story four years after the end of the previous one, with Teresa Mendoza behind bars in the United States for the murder of three DEA agents. Deprived of her freedom, Teresa finds herself separated again from her beloved daughter Sofia. Once freed during a dramatic prison break, Teresa returns to a secret world fueled by secret alliances and deals, risking her life across Latin America with the fervent hope of being reunited with Sofia and ending – once and for all – her in the run.

How does La Reina del Sur 3 end

In the sixtieth and last episode of the third season entitled “Whoever wounds by the sword, perishes by the sword”, Teresa survives the clash with Epifanio Vargas, who will die by her hand (but not before having shot her). After killing Epifanio, Teresa takes command of her truck: once the rear doors are opened, Teresa finds herself in front of pallets of wrapped banknotes. Well yes: once again Teresa – the woman of a thousand lives – managed to emerge victorious.

Cast of La Reina del Sur 4, actors and characters

Captained by Kate del Castillo (Bad Boys for Life, Ingobernable), the cast of the third season includes Pêpê Rapazote (already seen in Queen of the South, the American remake of The Queen of the South).

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Humberto Zurita also appears in the third season (The Centaur’s Mistress, Queen of the South), Isabella Sierra (The Queen of the South 2, 100 Days to Fall in Love), Kika Edgar (The Queen of the South 2, Killer Women), Alejandro Calva (Queen of the South, Lady Steel), Tiago Correa (The Queen of the South 2, The House of Flowers), Eduardo Yanez (The Queen of the South 2, False Identity), Lincoln Palomeque (Queen of the South, Lady Steel) Antonio Gil (The Queen of the South 2), Emmanuel Orenday (Queen of the South, Lady Steel), Cuca Escribano (The Queen of the South), Sara Vidorreta (The Queen of the South), Ágata Clares (The Queen of the South) and Dmitry Anisimov (The Queen of the South). Also joining them are Noe Hernandez, Horacio Garcia Rojas, Ed Trucco, Carlos Valencia, Arturo Ríos, Denia Agalianou, Anderley Palomino, Fernando Solorzano and Victor Rebull, and with the special participation of Sofia Lama, Matias Novoa and Beth Chamberlin.

Trailer of La Reina del Sur 4, does it already exist?

Not having received the green light from Netflix, the production of the second season has not yet been confirmed. Therefore the trailer for the new episodes of The Queen of the South it is not yet available on YouTube. We speculate that it will be about two months from the debut of the next season globally. In the meantime, here’s the one from the third:


Episodes of La Reina del Sur 4, how many there are

If the second season will follow the production pattern of the first, we can expect another 45 episodes of 40 minutes each. To know for sure we will have to wait for an official announcement from Telemundo and Netflix. Based on the novel by Arturo Perez-Reverte, the series is written by Lina Uribe, Darío Vanegas, Tatiana Andrade and Miguel Ferrari, with direction by Carlos Bolado, Carlos Villegas and Claudia Pedraza. Marcos Santana is executive producer and showrunner of the series, while Telemundo’s Ximena Cantuarias and AG Studios’ Rodrigo Guerrero are executive producers.

La Reina del Sur 4 in streaming, where to see it

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The third season is a co-production between Telemundo Global Studios and Netflix. Telemundo retains exclusive rights in the United States and Puerto Rico, while Netflix holds exclusive rights for the rest of the world to stream. For this reason, if a season 4 becomes a reality, we can expect new episodes on Netflix worldwide outside the United States and in Puerto Rico, where it will be distributed by Telemundo instead.