Kaley Cuoco says she finds it more bearable to watch the first installments of The Big Bang Theory on silent

Kaley Cuoco, protagonist of The Big Bang Theory, says she never watches the first seasons of the series (and when she does she puts it on silent mode)

It’s been years since we’ve aired new episodes of The Big Bang Theory: the popular sitcom with Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galeki and companions has in fact closed its doors in 2018 and, after twelve seasons, the adventures of TV’s most famous group of nerds have come to an end. However, it was not a peaceful farewell for all the stars of the series: Kaley Cuocothe actress who has lent her face to the blonde and bubbly Penny, has in fact repeatedly given voice to his thoughts regarding the show, not always flattering and positive. At the time of the closure of the series, for example, Cuoco had spoken of the co-star Jim Parsons and his choice to leave the show, harshly criticizing his colleague’s decision (Parsons in fact played the iconic Sheldon Cooperconsidered by many to be the real focus of the story).

Not, Kaley Cuoco has gone out of balance againtalking about the series that made her famous: the actress said she never watches the first episodes ofThe Big Bang Theory and, the few times he manages to do this, he has to put the volume in muto (this is because, like many other artists in the entertainment world, he doesn’t like to review his own performances). The actress also said that she especially hated the first few episodes: at the beginning, in fact, she didn’t like her character at all and therefore had to work to give Penny more “depth” and to make her more mature in the course of the seasons. Report Starterfacts:

“Kaley Cuoco says she especially hates watching the early episodes of the show, the ones before we settle into Penny’s character and make the character a little more grounded. He now he says he “shudders” watching those early stages of acting”

Anxiety and stress

The actress recently revealed that she suffers from anxiety e stress, also due to the divorce from her second husband. Problems that caused her some physical symptoms. “I developed a stress rash that expanded throughout my body for a good three months and it didn’t go away – Cuoco told in a recent interview with VarietyI literally had fire on my leg for three months. I could barely walk“. Thanks to friends and therapy, though, the actress now says she’s feeling better. Cuoco also appeared in the 2020 HBO series The flight attendant – The Flight Attendant, in which she plays the lead role. Thanks to this new project, the actress aims to get away from The Big Bang Theoryconsolidating their career and definitively detaching from the character of Penny.

The Big Bang Theory – Kaley Cuoco really turned down the role of Penny

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